Ma Kali

Hey so I have this Ma Kali wall hanging. Is it okay to honor her in a room where I call in other spirits?

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In my experience she doesn’t mind company. But is rather pointed if she doesn’t want something in her space. Youll know if not by intuition then by finding it knocked down, Fallen or broken.


As long as it is Dakshina Kali, it’s okay. Otherwise it will be risky. Have seen countless families utterly destroyed who are going through hell f the worst kind because they brought some form of Kali ( not dakshina kali ) in their home with adoration and love and though did spend a lot of resources in her Puja but they didn’t do her worship as per rules, OFFERING BLOOD AND FLESH on a regular basis. Dakshina Kali is O.K though.


No, I doubt anybody knows ’ ALL ’ her forms. Those 10-12 forms of her worshipped in India and tibet is like 10-12 angels out of countless angels under YHWH. The real things isn’t worshipped and it is WAYYYY TOOOO BIG even for High-Spirits.

No I do not. I’m very new and was drawn to her and also had a reading done where I was told to build a alter for her. I found a few things but now am wondering if maybe I should hold off till I’m more knowledgeable. I haven’t done a evocation with her. I just found this skull necklace and a mini statue and this wall decor I thought was cool but haven’t hung it up yet. I hope I haven’t done anything wrong already.

Hi Sabella, there is a lot of misconception when it comes to Goddess Kali. You don’t need skull necklaces, or alters, nor any blood or flesh sacrifices for her. I wouldn’t suggest you get a statue. If you like, you can make do with a picture.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about her.

BTW, it depends on the types of entities that you would be evoking in her presence. I always seek her permission (or at the very least let her know my intentions) before I do any entity or energy work. I tend to do all of this in another room.

She was calling out to me to help
Me with a particular issue. Now that’s it’s resolved, what do I do? I had a temporary altar set up (with her picture) for her and gave her offerings to thank her for her help.


You don’t have to do anything besides thank her. You can keep her picture somewhere where you meditate. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere you sleep or eat meat, etc.

Why not where I sleep ? Just curious.

What’s the real thing like?

@Sabella , yea. I was talking the risk of bringing in her Idol with her energies consecrated ( pran pratistha ) in it. Having a Picture of her isn’t a big deal. Can do it.

U have probably heard of the term primordial Void, Ain point in kabbalistic tree, Wu chi in taoism. It’s the Real kali, primordial tamas/darkness. She is also symbolically represented by the symbol ’ 0 ', Zero/shunya. And yes according to the law of correspondence more above you go more will it grow bigger in higer existence/ world systems.


I have called upon many forms of Mother Kali including Bhadrakali and Smashankali and my life has been blessed and protected I did not experience any adverse effect in my life. To the contrary I experience happiness and bliss and my family is as solid as ever.


Lol, it’s not that just coming into her contact will cause all kind of ruin and suffering. Things Bhadrakali and Smashankali can give very few can give.

But their worship , specially if by consecrating their idol has to be done ’ BY THE RULES ’ . Goodie Goodie devotion like ‘’ She is mother , how can she harm her own devotee - child ‘’ etc like mentality is meaningless . I can use kali to make daugter of any half baked devotee of her get possessed and butcher her whole family at night with a kitchen knife. ( If someone is pursuing Bhakti/Devotion Yoga in a serious manner then that’s a different matter ).

Rules have to be followed specially if one is a serious seeker and want something more than just blessing from her, like POWER over nature and existence or even get her physical manifestation.

Bhadra kali is O.K but don’t know how you are worshiping Smashankali, be EXTRA CAREFUL if you have her consecrated Idol in your home. She isn’t supposed to be worshiped in home for family comfort.

Dude, cut back on the melodrama. You’re speaking as if anyone can perform pran prathistha of Smashan Kali into an idol. That knowledge takes years, if not lifetimes, to achieve. It’s something that is built up to. Novices can’t achieve that. Even the black magic in books that speak of that form doesn’t achieve it.

If anyone tells you that blood offerings are required to please Goddess Kali, they’re full of shit. She’ll be happy with a flower.

If you really want to super charge the power of the work you do with her, slice a lime. That is more powerful than any blood offerings.

BTW, this info comes straight from her.

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Life times??? Oh yea, Then all the pandits are learning it for life times!!! Got it. 6 months of training into it is enough to know how pran prathistha is done for simple purposes . May not be for the purpose for Temple worship in accordance with Agama shastra.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa himself said that no other form of kali’s image should be kept in even one’s home. But You think U must be more legit than him I guess.! In bengal I know a siddha who is taught shakti tantra by Vama Khema ( hope u know his name ) , he himself said certain form of shakti should never be worshiped in home. But U must know more than a Siddha , I guess.

U do Kali puja lemon and peanuts, ( and all the temples in bengal and assam where animal sacrifice is done must be full of shit too!!! ) as that’s the size of your brain it seems ( may be something else too ). Everybody with simple knowledge of tantra knows that ’ Fruit sacrifice ’ is a meager substitute for the real thing.

yea, worship her with flowers not animal sacrifice ! LOL, then Kaurnava tantra, Mahanirvana tantra all this agama text must learn from U , I guess.

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Dude, no need to go batshit crazy over it. Relax. The aim here is to learn.

Firstly, you need to read what I wrote. I specifically mentioned pran pratishtha of ‘Smashan Kali’, not pran pratistha in general. Having darshan of that form is not easily achieved as you perceive it to be.The energy of Goddess Kali is not a game you play with. Fully awakening that form is not child’s play. It takes a very long time to be able to evoke that form. Tantriks spend years trying to get a glimpse of her form. Do you understand?

My family has prayed to Badra Kali and Ma’s various forms in our homes for over 10 decades. Everything that I know of her various types of pooja’s has been taught to me by the Goddess herself. You might want to by pass what others say and get some experience yourself.

Various practices have been happening for hundreds of years, it doesn’t mean they are right. I’ve travelled to some of these regions you speak of. I’ve asked Ma Kali if these practices were correct. Her response was that the vast majority are not correct, however, she accepts the offerings citing ‘human ignorance’. In most instances, it’s the ignorance behind these practices that create the negative energy and negative experiences. This is the primary reason why people have bad experiences.

In regards to the blood offerings, I asked her about this. Her response was that those that partake in it do so with lust for power. They don’t understand her true nature.

She has even said that many times where people engage in incorrect practices of evocation, it is not her that appears.

Calm down and understand that many rituals that have been passed down for generations are distorted. People have been blindly following for generations. It doesn’t mean that those are the correct methods.

Ascend, my friend!

Regarding offerings. You’ve completely overtaken the OP’s thread. No one asked if they should offer animal sacrifices. They only asked about Ma Kali’s picture or statue. You turned it into an evocation of the Goddesses most potent forms.

Slicing a lime is the equivalent to offering the sacrifice of 1000 goats. Slicing ‘nutmeg’ is the equivalent of sacrificing 100,000 goats. Source of this information: Ma Kali herself.

Enjoy your day.

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yea, that’s what I am saying. But learning Pran Prathistha isn’t that hard. As most of the occult knowledge is, once it comes out in the open the ’ Oh My Fucking GODDD ’ factor goes away and can be learned by almost everyone. The kali temple in my family is over 150 years old, She herself came to my great grandfather’s dream and told him to build one. That kind of thing isn’t a Batch of legitimacy.

yea the last part,

Sure that’s not the case for U !!!

Oh my Fucking GOD. Yea, GOT IT :rofl: All I am going to say is, There is a lot U have to journey in ur path of Ascension, brothe/sister. Yea, newbies. :unamused:

Yea, the thread my be on the verge of derailing, not gonna comment here anymore.