M Depressed cant be rescued easily. My kids too going down

I depress kids too.
Cant bath.
Sleeping since yesterday.
Cant reach deeper en medidate.
Havent felt this in long time.
M tired of media or law firm not taking my kids seriously
Cant meet anyone who wanna give me money.
Was improving so well in general life few days ago with members support.

I need magick

Cant do magick.
Coz i cant.

My list is too long to succeed. Its whole government i wanna fairly destroy.
M in literal hiding with these kids. Literal one. They wish tv, bed, school, shoes, hair do, drama competitions, dance, one kitchen cupboard, drawerfor cloths,
My tears flow cz they mostly miss their mom.
I didnt bury mine in April. We have to hide away frm corrupt police en courts.


I’m really sorry for your situation. But you can’t get everything all at once. If you keep your mind focused on that, you will be depressed and that will spread to people around you.

Write down what you need… a list or everything. Most important things first. Then work on that list, one step at a time, one goal at a time. Until you have it all. With magick or without magick. Focus on one thing then another.

When you put it this way in your post, nobody will be able to help because magick doesn’t work that way. You must be specific and work on each desire as if that’s all you want and need in life. When you have it, work on something else.

From what I can understand, you need a stable source for money, a well paying job. Did you try something online? Upwork, Fiverr, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Affiliate programs like Clickbank and CPA networks ? There are many ways to make quick cash or long term income online. Work on that first since that’s the most important at the moment.


I wont go to free therapy coz they will knw us. I need speed en action
Stubborn minds to obey our requests en to pay our stuff.
All who touched my kids to be tortured plainly, daylight.
My #scream #refuseabuse initiative to fly highest.
My kids ask dat they please never repeat school academic years they were denied schooling from da beginning.

Which spirits can do these while m so very low?
I can still talk so i can tearfully chant. Its my depressed state rite now.

Please connect me with members who request to do magick for ppl as testers.

Can u find time to help us see change?

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I have long time ago arrived at the stage where only few ppl understand “Depression”.
It makes me understand yr reply ‘unfortunately’

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If you don’t mind, kindly, list out some if not all. Send me a private message. Let’s see what I can do.


Thanks will do soonest


I can send you a spell too, very dreadful and terrible, it conjures up high Spirits. You will only utter it once. But it’s not written in English, it can’t be translated, I’m not sure if you will be able to pronounce it.

After uttering it, say what you desire, list it all. And to be sure that they came, tell them to show you a sign or do something for you to be sure they are around. And they shall do so. Either they reveal themselves to you swiftly or you hear their voices or voice. They are terrible angelic beings.


Hey @luxfero, i was wondering if you’re at liberty to discuss any details on these entities. ‘Terrible angelic beings’ caught my eye and intuition tells me to take note. I dont have anything i need them to do for me, my only need is to learn more about these entities


Fair enough. I have one suggestion for you and she will be way more than enough for all that you need, no matter how low you feel… Santisima Muerte, Saint Death.

All she asks for is your loyalty. If you can be loyal to her, she will be loyal to you.

Print a picture, setup a small Altar for her. A glass of water and a candle. I will send you her work, her Novena etc. You want money, she’ll get you money. Protection, she’ll destroy anyone who would think about hurting our kids… whatever it is, she will take care of it.

Google her if you don’t know her.

I’ll send you her stuff in a PM in few minutes.


Yeah, sure I am.

Things I used to tell people is that Demons are not the only Spirits that get angry and strike. There are some Holy Angels that do it too. But they are very scarce to come by. So they are recorded down as Terrible, Dreadful.

I remembered my very first time of using a spell of such, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I was just reading, struggling with the pronunciation. Then I noticed my eyes closing themselves. The hand used in holding the book started shaking, I felt very weak and couldn’t lift the book anymore. So i left it on the rug, lie down and continue reading. Then seconds after, my eyes went blank. I couldn’t read anything anymore. If I look around, I could see the whole room but turning back to the book I see nothing. Then during this whole time I could perceive sweet fume, I don’t know there they come from, different types. I first thought some used a perfume and passed by. But then the scent was strong, I questioned myself, how can a passerby perfume be this strong in my room. At times it will be like the smell of incense, sweet and lovely odour. But my senses aren’t telling me it’s what I’m uttering that’s causing it.

So I went to narrate my experience to a senior, and he was shocked. He said, ‘just that?’ I was confused. He said those are deadly, dreadful, terrible angels; who don’t take nonsense. They run people mad. Blind them. Paralyze them. They don’t have the time for rubbish at all. And that I’m so lucky, they only shut my eyes. They used to blind peoples eyes.

That they are Spirits that want purity in all things, so it could be that they met me clean so they didn’t have any reason to hurt me. But there are people who have prepared themselves, clean but this Angels hurt them and leave. I was just speechless.

So ever since then, I learnt that there are dreadful and terrible Angels. They are not all saint and innocent as I thought, some do worst than what evil and demonic spirits does.

Any question?

  1. Are they willing to teach?
  2. Can they show how to contain entropic energy and keep it separate from something?
  3. How does one offer them respect, and are there differences between individual terrible angelics and the whole host? (Would i call them name by name, or as a whole group)
  4. Are they aggressive to those of the Black Flame?/would it be disrespectful for one of dark knowledge to seek them? Feel free to pm if you would like.

I do not want to derail, as the OP is in need. So were I in a similar predicament as she, i would ask:

  1. What do i have to give them in return?
  2. Why would they choose to assist?
  3. They do not judge children as harshly as they would me, do they?
  4. How do i purify myself to call them?

Very willing.

Yes, they can. Even more.
Recently I told some Seraph to fill my room with their energy, very angelic and leave it permanent. (I didn’t know what that mean myself, I just said it). I have forgotten I made such request. Two days after, I kind of dragged in (with my mind, I just think about him and with my mind make him appear, it happens in seconds - can’t explain it well, it’s one of the skills bestowed upon me) a Spirit with opposite energy into my room. And then he ran out, dusting his body. I brought him in again with my mind, he ran out again. So I asked why he won’t stay… It was him that reminded me of what I had requested from those Angels.

Just the usual way of dealing with Spirits, but they don’t welcome any dirt. Sexual energy, blood, etc stuff like that.

The difference that there is as I believe is their ranks. They also belong to the Nine Hosts.

There are Words of Power ‘babarous - mystical’, Spells used to call them. They don’t tarry at all. But if you have get their actual names, then you may call them by their names.

No. But to keep the place where you shall call them clean, no big deal.

Not at all.

Ok. Let’s do that then. We’re kinda derailing this thread.

“Thanks”. Honor them, and be respectful in making your requests. For they take glory in how you command them.

It has been so from the beginning, and so it is now and so shall it be. I remember this word, but can’t remember where I heard or read it: “Whensoever a MORTAL call you, you must answer them, else I shall burn you with fire. For it is not them you give honor by answering but I.”

No. With children they are more friendly. My lil brother once found a sheet from my book and read it. He dozed off while reading. He said he saw a man in white gown, golden hair looking at him from afar. Smile then waved ‘bye’, after he has been starring at him for long without saying a word. He was 10 then.

Just everything in accordance to the terms or rules of sacred rites.

These are ways, knowledge, perfection of the OLD RELIGION.


@luxfero i thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Drinking, sex, smoking etc is that lack of purity to them may be?

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Yeah, kind of. But you’re free to do and live your life as you wish, but when you will operate, you must avoid it all.


I ll push more en most do not accept my african countries. Fiverr is cool i just have to pull clients in somehow.


Been there, hugs. Focus: on what is good.


Like only the day im having contact with them am i right? My 12 year old is into angels i intend to teach her about one


Yes, you’re.

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Please allow me to PM you still though its been a days. I have focusing on money magick, hence.
The original post has summary but ill send a clearer one. Thanks