Lust/Sex, Offerings and Communication with Sallos/Astarte!

Greetings Everyone,

I have been a silent follower of the community for quiet sometime and have imbibed a lot from the forum and would like to thanks all the senior moderators and the members for all their insight and guidance for all of us, it really means a lot hence I have to ensure that my gratitude goes out to all of you!

I have some queries regarding invocation using sigil magick pertaining the process; but before I proceed with the questions, I would like to state that my purpose for magick is specifically to find a friend with benefits with whom I can also hang out and have a good time fuck buddies without any ill intentions or settling down etc
After going thru and searching the forums and posts, I planned to reach out to Duke Sallos or Goddess Astarte Her demonic form is a male spirit from what I have learnt, I am avoiding Sitri because the experiences of members who stated that Sitri to tends backfire at times and things can turn out the opposite. I am particularly inclined towards Duke Sallos but some people have suggest that they have Astarte as their favorite for the purpose and that she tends to be kind towards beginners!

Coming to the questions:

  1. Which spirit out of the above or others should be the best for my purpose?

  2. How do I communicate with the spirit once he has arrived, as in can I speak in my native language or I have to use English as medium of communication?

  3. We are suppose to offer things to the spirit in return for granting our wish, some say that they offered hair, food, wine, blood, sperm/menstruation blood etc while others state that they offered the spirit the energy while having intercourse, candle or simple incense or perfumes. Is there a specific quantity that should be offered etc or what should be actually offered in the first place, how much hair or blood if that being the case please elaborate?

  4. Once the session is over, what are we suppose to do with the sigil?

  5. Is an Altar necessary or sitting on the floor and using a table covered with a cloth will suffice?

Male here, if that matters




1.For me Gremory worked the hardest to help me. sitri was unhelpful.
This is personal though, others had results with him and not other spirits. Test it out your self to find out what works for you.
2.Any language is ok.
3.Between you and the spirits you work with, no right or wrong answer this is more about mutual agreement.
4.Burn it or fold it and keep it in a safe place out of sight until you got what you want.
5.Work with what you got, as you advance you’ll want a special space, for now the table sounds fine.

All the best.
Go to the introduction page, post something about your self.


Thanks for the response, in regards to offerings; you stated that its between you the spirit decided mutually. My question is how would one communicate with the spirit considering he is a newbie and has not reached a level where he can sense/communicate with the spirit, in order to figure out what the spirit would like as an offering etc?

Also how long should one wait for results so he can contact the spirits again in case the results haven’t been achieved?


Go with a glass of wine until you develop more.
Incense is good as well. Sandalwood is recommended officially fore dukes, frankincense works.
Leave it on your alter/table species place for 24 hrs (the wine)


And how long should one wait for results so he can contact the spirits again in case the results haven’t been achieved?


No now you’re doubting the results. If you put your energy in the ritual then after that get fresh clothes, spray some fragrance, get a haircut if you need it, keep your breath fresh and talk to more girls.
Assume it worked, approach girls , get numbers text them and invite them on a date or walk them out of the club.


Laith_wavey Thank you for your insights and responses!

When summoning a spirit if I am using an anointed candle with incense as an offering for the spirit, after the summoning can I use the leftover candle for another spirit/summoning or do I have to use a new candle everytime?

Sorry for bothering you with questions!

If it is an offering then no, use a new one.

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