*Lust Magic!* a few spells of mine to attract love interests

Here’s a topic of mine from another forum. I really wanted to post here as well for you guys and get your feedback.
"Just in time for Valentines, here are my little tricks I use to get a little extra attention when I’m out and about! These are both spells I’ve made myself, so please feel free to critique, add a few helpful tidbits or general advice. I’d love to hear!

The Midnight Magic Prowl
Before you set out for a nighttime stroll, take a minute to “gather yourself.” Ya know, the basics: Relax, clear your mind and focus. Gather the energies from around you, compressing it inside, then adding more, repeat until you feel confident with a good amount. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert at this. Your imagination, and intent will be just enough. Next, envision all around you a great flame erupt and take over you, like an aura…A red flame, deep red…This flame doesn’t burn, but simply gives off an irresistible bright light that can be seen from afar. I like to make it much taller than me as well. See it, feel it, make it real. When you get it going say the spell (preferably aloud with authority. Imagine your voice echoing across the whole city):
“Spirits of Lust,
Heed now my call.
Fine mates to bring
Come one, come all
Incite them now, brought forth by thee
Like moths to flame, be drawn to me.”
Now tips: I’ve used this spell a few times, and each time I’ve gotten pretty strong results i.e. many cars stopping, asking if I want a ride, honking horns, and prolonged blank stares from other walkers, bikers, etc. I remember one time, I could’ve sworn I saw my shadow on the sidewalk giving off the flame as well, very lightly. So lightly it’s barely visible. Another thing I notice is it feels like I have to keep charging up and also chanting the last line of the spell to keep things going.

The Bewitching Gaze
Of course, this one can be considered a little taboo with “white magic” practitioners. In the close presence of someone you like, close your eyes and gather yourself. Imagine a magic tunnel extend from you and connect to this person via 3rd eye. Know that you both are now temporarily connected and that your thoughts are easily transmitted to her/him. Now! Here’s where the funky stuff happens lol. Imagine you two having passionate sex together, feel it as best as possible, see it vividly, hear the moans, make it real. Do this for a while and then sit back and observe how they act around you. Tbh, I’ve done this alot and mostly never really get any response whatsoever. It could be the way I approach the spell. On rare occasions the person has gotten nicer…on one person however, they started acting more cold toward me, and mean. In a sort of twist of the spell, however, I’m starting to believe that if I have a really hard time with the visualization part, that the person normally has much less of an attraction to me. Sometimes the visualization comes so easy, clear, and vivid on it’s own that I’m surprised. With the latter situation, I’ve had the person actually approach me later down the line with interest in me…has happened twice. So this can kinda be like a “Do You Like Me” spell as well.
Well there they are…2 favorites of mine, I may add more later. Like there’s one I’ve never tried but am working on involving enchanting some perfume/cologne. But yeah, my spells are pretty straight forward, simple, and direct. I like that kind of magic, although it’s harder to start off with I’ll say."