Luck Magic

One branch of magic I want to get into is luck magic. However, I’ve never really seen grimoires talk about it. Most only care about various forms of manifestation of a single target. I want to try and improve my luck as I play a lot of gacha games, which heavily involve luck. I’m looking for either a ritual to increase luck or a way to imbue an object with luck.

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There’s a mantra for luck , search angel mantras

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I would look into magic for gambling in particular, as the idea is essentially to bring luck when it comes to games of all sorts where there is a reward. You are likely going to have to look into the more folk magic direction for those kind of workings

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Any idea on what folklore to study? An accompanying grimoire?

Folk magic is found throughout the world in many different forms. All address the needs of the people who lived there using items that would be available. So, if you have a particular tradition that is or was popular in your area, it would be best to look there as the ingredients would be easier to find. If not, hoodoo would not be a bad one to look into, although you may need to find substitutes. I don’t really have a book in mind that could help but there are various youtube channels that can be looked at such as cresent city conjure.

Fast luck hand oil might not be a bad one. My grandmother would wrap seven bay leaves in a twenty dollar bill while reciting Pslams 65 to bring luck before going out gambling.


It’s very common in folklore, from carrying rabbits feet, 4 leaf clovers … i.e. good luck talismans - to performing certain action to ward off bad luck- think, saying “hello Mr Magpie” if you see one alone, which is bad luck. Wearing a Rowan twig (magical tree in the UK and Ireland) in your hat was good luck, and by extension the number 7 (there are 7 leaves on a Rowan twig).

Clovers usually have 3 leaves, so finding a four leaved one is good luck, and people still keep and press them today - try Etsy for something wearable and enchantable.
Planting a Rowan tree in your your garden is supposed to protect your house form the fae and bring good luck. Feeding the fae bread and milk at night causes them to grant you good luck.

Another superstition: don’t forget to say “White rabbits” as the first thing you say on the first of the month to bring good luck for the rest of the month.

I think I have come up with a decent idea. I’ll make a white rabbit servitor to bring me good luck. They will probably have a clover on them somewhere. Would the name Fortuna be a bit to on the nose? I mean it’s servitor magick so I can make it whatever I want, but still.

I have a grimoire.

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You could also pray to the Goddess Fortuna for good luck.

U can try mantras.

The greek gods are close now, so you could appeal to Hermes for gambling luck?