Luck in dice and cards

Any spell or spirit for this?

Asmodeus, mainly gambling stuff related.

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Honestly, just general manifestation tricks. I don’t gamble casino-style, but whenever I play and want to win (you can’t always win with friends), I win. It’s been like that since I was little. Just, “I’m gonna win” and ask my demon friends for some help.

Have you tried practicing by guessing what card you’re holding or what the dice will land on? That might be a cool intuition-training place to begin? Of course you can always go the demon route, @anon93430693 gave a couple choices.

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There are plenty of spells available for luck in gambling and game of chance. Check out NAP, for example.

You could also try this:


I’m looking more for something to help with things like magic the gathering and warhammer.

It sounds weird but belief and trust is all that matters.
I play Yu-Gi-Oh and I play only one deck. I stay faithful to that deck and because I am fairly lonely, I speak to my cards like they are my friends (because they are).

Because of this, I am able to draw the card I need whenever I need it and I also did Tarot readings on myself using that exact same deck. I think a deep “bond” or spiritual connection is what matters most.
People stopped playing against me because they think I’m cheating.

As silly as this may sound, this is my input on this matter.

Heart of the cards, huh?

Part of the reason I experimented with this is BECAUSE of the “Heart of the cards” concept