Lucifuge tells us to stop being a slave to time

Lucifuge during an invocation told me I was an infinite being, that time does not exist and to stop being a slave to it! Now my clock keeps falling off the wall and smashing. It’s literally fallen off my wall and broken several times.


Thanks Lucifuge. I thought someone else could use this message since we all seem to be slaves to our clocks.


Yep, I asked a question about time earlier. Got my answer


What we refer to as time is based on astronomical observation. It is a system of measurement. It has more more objective reality than an inch or a meter.

Imagine if all of the heavenly bodies stopped their rotations and orbits. What then is time?


Just checked the time


To bad I need to work at a certain time lol


Lucifuge confirmed for NEET… :sunglasses:

Seriously though, exploring the nature of time and so on is really useful, I was guided down that route too.


Yeah I was wondering how that was avoidable myself


So does this mean that we should ignore planetary hours for rituals and evocation?

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Look at the deeper message.


Guess I just can’t figure out how time doesn’t exit yet it still is important. I try not to be tied down too much myself yet so much in life is bound to it.

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I’m going with no, but then I was never totally preoccupied with those.

The thing I have found is that demons and spirits see things in terms of chains of cause and effect, so “Get me my promotion by next 9pm Tuesday” is hard for them, because promotion may require X number of effects to fall into place, of which the demon’s influence is the cause, but these have too many variables to be done to the clock.

I’m NOT saying this can never happen, I’m just saying that time as we tend to ab/use it has so far not been show, to me, to be how discarnate spirits map their reality or ours.

Planetary stuff is motion in space, and probably simpler to track?


Thanks for clarifying.

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I was obsessed with this the idea that there is no time and all time is in the now. I try to corroborate this with evidence from ancient teachings, teachings of channelled entities etc.,

There is a quote by María Sabina, a Mazatec curandera on a book about mushrooms or psychedelics can’t remember… the quote is around how she saw everything that is going to happen…

Also the first time I read the channelled book ‘Conscious Life: Creating Your Reality’ I could understand for the first time how all time is in the now.

Also Terence McKenna at several times (pun intended) said that mushroom told him ‘what you call man is time’. I could not understand till I saw one interview with Jiddu Krishnamurti where he says the same thing… ‘man is time’.


This is an accurate assessment. Everything is happening in the eternal present. The past is simply memories and recorded history. The future is merely speculation and fantasy. Our bodies do not age through the passage of time but we decline and die due to biological processes. Children with progeria illustrate this.

Our sense of time come from mentally comparing one moment to the next. If you learn to silence the mental chatter you will be in the eternal present.


I wasn’t hinting at that, I conceptually think past, present and future are all in the now. I have not put in effort but there are ways to change the past as propounded by shamanism mainly accessible to everyone as Polynesian Shamanism as taught by Serge Kahili King and also by Seth from Seth Speaks. Both say you can go change any event that happened in your life.

Past to me a lot less like memory but more like a place you can visit… and yes I agree it’s all language and semantics. We could be very well saying the same thing.

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Ever consider that maybe time has no relevance without sentient observation?

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I really don’t know what he means to tell us, maybe it’s many different things. I know me personally am always rushing around constantly. Kids to school daycare, work on time, grab groceries, feed people. Then I’m always worried about the future, should I go to school? I wanna move out of state, move out of the country, when can or should I do this, will this project work out, should I find a new job…just always trying to figure out my plan because I’m not happy where Iam in my job or where I live. Maybe he’s telling me to love more in moment but then how do I plan or figure out my future? I don’t understand it entirely


If you include animals to be sentient they do not perceive time they just live by their biological rhythms.

He says there is no time. There are only events. All the events are happening in this NOW. To explain it in detail, as I’m writing this post, there are people driving on the road, people having dinner in their houses, people in some countries waking up, kids going to school… so all such events are simultaneous and happen only in this moment. So in any moment or rather in this moment to be very precise there is always something or other happening in our physical reality. So it’s all one continuous experience of physical reality for all of us put together.

I think what @Lady_Eva said in a post above is same as what I’m trying to say. May be she can explain it better.

You could say ‘I plan to go to school and finally after a year I make it to school’ is in future, but again that is an event born out of a continual simultaneous events happening in this NOW.


I have a strong feeling this spirit will help you:

Liminal spaces are great for in-between/out-of-time things.