Lucifuge Rofocale is malevolent?

I will just put this out there for anyone to add their experience, knowledge, readings, divinations, etc. If anyone in the forum has any indication that Lucifuge Rofocale is, was or has been malevolent to anyone in any way.

I have begun intensive pathworking and communication with Lucifuge, and have not seen one but of evidence that he has a prevalent malevolent nature. I’m sure he can be, but only in circumstances where he has been offended.

Please elaborate on your own experiences so I can have a body of knowledge with which to compare my view and those of others. It will help me greatly in my continuing pathworking with the spirit. Please let me know what you have to say… don’t worry about offending me, be candid and if possible, include specifics. I really want to know what the forum has to say about Lucifuge Rofocale.


Based on your question, I will tell you this. Every single spirit in the Multiverse has the potential for malevolence.

What you do with that information is up to you.


This ^

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Wanted to work with him could u give me any type of info and what exactly i am getting myself into.

Right now, I am doing a LOT of reading. So for an answer, I would say to do the same. As mentioned above, all spirits/daemons have a malevolent side so study is the best, I feel anyway.
There is a lot of information out there that seems to contradict other information, but if you can plow through it all, you’ll find the information and whatever else you may be looking for. Good Luck! Let me know how about your progress!!

Alot of the sources for these spirit are from an era where people were not as open as us today. For them Blasphemy was the biggest crime. So just Imagine when they found out about these magnificent spirits who can effect there life in ways that was unknown to them.
All they could think was how can there be any other power in the world except God himself. But the truth was undeniable what these spirits could do for them was too overwhelming. I believe at this point most of the early sources were created (by humans Ofcourse)
They were mostly filled with fear.( I don’t need to tell you how fear effects our rational thoughts.)

Now remember these spirits are way above us on astral plane. And when we forget to respect them and fall into the negative mindset we subconsciously demonize them.
From what I have personally experienced from my personal pathworking is your subconscious mind together with unconscious mind shapes your perspective.

And these spirits are more than happy to let your perspective materialize in front of you.
If you think a certain spirit can be malevolent towards you then the odds are yes because that’s what you subconsciously asked that spirit to do.

Hence Meditation and spritual working helps as it increases the connection you have with the different parts of your mind and can eventually aline the will of your conscious and the unconscious mind.

I haven’t personally worked with Lucifuge Rofocale yet so this was more of a general reply.

I hope this helps.

The power of Taboo. If you break a rule and do something really forbidden, this gives a very powerful feeling. Imagine how good it must have been to say ‘goddammit’ and get that rush that today’s youth try to achieve by lighting cars up, killing pets, beating up weaker class mates, tattooing their face etc.

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