Lucifuge Rofocale deity yoga

I was thing about the applicability of Tibetan deity yoga to fallen angels and demons. for this first experiment I was thinking of Lucifuge Rofocale .

The speaker in this short video clip enumerates 4 steps :

  1. Replace your internal dialogue with the mantra of the deity
    2.replace your self image with the image of the deity
    3.replace your normal human feelings with the feel of the deity
    4.develop the touch (hand position of the deity).

For the mantra I have lucifuge’s enn.
For the image I have an issue : how does lucifuge look like ? I don’t want an obscure grimoire depiction of him which is written from a bias Christian perspective.

For his feeling , I can do my homework .

For a hand position (mantra ) not sure

What are your thoughts ? Any advice ?


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This sound like it could be related to the ‘Assumption of godforms’ practice found in western occult.

I think you could call the deity and let intuition guide you for the image during the meditation, rather than force an imaginary image over it.

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