Lucifers rage

If you’ve read my last posts you may know I comunícate with Lucifer. A human who said his past life was an angel told me that Lucifer was just playing with me. Lucifer got super angry and wanted to kill him. Now I have that desire as well. I think I’m just typing this to blow steam, idk. I feel what he feel and now I’m full of rage.


What do you mean you feel his rage? Is he possessing you?


If this is the case, I’m sure he can manage it on his own.

When’s the last time you grounded?


If he’s truly raged he can take care. Afterall he is the infernal emperor.


thank you.
Oh people who want to murder for the Gods… never understood them.
If when people offend your God you feel like murder them… some grounding and some shadow working would be a good thing… Or some good ol’ meditation you know… just sit down… relax… and breath… let go of all complexity for a little while. Just breath… It do wonders… IN through your nose… OUT through your moth… So much trauma you can be avoid in life by just breathing… and letting go.
Deep your roots deep into the ground. Raise your branches high into the skies… breath… and let go…

…or curse and kill him. idk. :man_shrugging:


This is beautiful advice.


Lucifer can help you alleviate your rage. Summon him and visualize the object of your anger. Do to it what you will. You should also specify what you want the result to be, be it minor torments or more extreme harm, or just a binding so they can do you no harm. You can work off your anger in the visualization.

If you really feel like killing someone who gave you a rather dumb insult then you may want to consider working with Lucifer to work on your rage.


I never rely on spirit contact to that extent and don’t advise you to do that

Be careful you are not inviting tricksters in.


This, right here.

You are new to magick, and your posts are all over the place. You’ve gone from being a complete beginner in magick and being haunted by something you identified as Andras, to now being in “communication” with Lucifer, after asking the forum to provide you with an invocation all of two days ago?

In my opinion, you don’t have any idea what you are really communicating with and have no clue how to protect yourself and test spirits to be sure they are who they say they are.


I would suggest reading through the forum a little more, learn from the posts of newbies that fell into the trap of jumping right into evocation/invocation/communication with another entity/external force and not knowing how to discern their own mind from entities or if the entity is legitimate of who they claim to be and trust me there’s a lot.

Once you learn from that, you can then learn what to avoid and what to look out for.


How do I know if he’s not Lucifer? Like how do I know if its another entity?

I second this

If you are doing spellwork and it’s just not happening
If you feel depressed or angry instead of uplifted and divine as Lucifers energy makes you feel.
I have been working with lucfier for a while now and I have a hard time seeing him wanting to kill someone over something so petty…



By not touching external entities until you learn to scan, familiarize yourself with inner and outer awareness. When Lucifer shows up you’ll know how to discern him from a trickster or a thoughtform, or other.

Lucifer may not act the same way with you as he would with others so don’t go off personality and such, a thoughtform claiming to be lucifer you’ll tell by the energy signature.


I don’t think Lucifer would do this. Probably that person got tricked by a parasyte or something.


Parasitic entities are known to induce feelings of anger and aggression in their victims because they feed off the negative emotions. Lucifer (ime) has a keen sense of justice, but He’s not petty and wouldn’t get angry about some stupid shit. I suspect there’s an impostor messing with you. Just my two cents.


I work with Lucifer, and nothing like that has ever happened to me.

Yes he hasn’t liked some people I’ve talked with but would never bring those kinds of feelings on me. Usually it’s the person who will feel unwell around you. Not the opposite.

From what I’m reading you’re not dealing with Lucifer but some imposter.


I asked him for a sign if he was Lucifer and when I got out of my room some hours later a group of about 10 black moths started flying around me. What does that mean???