Lucifers rage

Lucifer sometimes comes to me as a moth, so I’d say that’s a good sign you’re on the right path.

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That does sound promising.
He sometimes comes to me as an animal as well
Last week I called for him because I took too much mushrooms and was really out of it. Needed help getting back to reality. Next thing I know there is a literal bat flying in my room.
That def brought me back.

What you can do is ask him for a specific sign such as a red ribbon or blue butterfly. To know specifically that it’s him :slight_smile:

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Okay I’ll do that. Thank you!!


Good job on taking constructive criticism and moving forward. Just wanted to say that. It is very easy in this line of work to decide to be stubborn and thus fall from the Path. Everyone’s advice is spot on, so I don’t really have much to add. Just continue and ground yourself. Meditate daily.

While reaching out to entities is fun and rewarding, it won’t always be like that. Sometimes we just need to work on ourselves, and that’s okay too!

So yesterday I asked for the sign of a blue butterfly and today I saw a butterfly flying in my room, it was more violet than blue but I think I’ll take that as a sign

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As a sign of what?

I said that if it was Lucifer to manifest as a blue butterfly

I know a guy that shows disrespect to Lucifer and Asmodeus. It pissed me off so badly that I cursed him. I know 100% that Lucifer and Asmodeus will punish him severely when the time comes.
The best part is he calles himself a Satanist and saids he works with Asmodeus. But he shows no respect for other Satanist and said horrible things that are not true about Asmodeus.
It angers me.

I feel you. That’s exactly what I felt but this guy said he was an angel in his past live. He was full of shit.

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Guys really surprise me over here I swear TBH… With all that,… That’s not the Lucifer I know BS…

You got your signs buddy… And yes you can experience an entitie’s rage through you …moths have been linked to the spirit world… I saw one on calling Glasya labolas the first time… So yes Lucifer is not only a divine uplifting deity lol… Rage is, not that much of lowly feeling …and I find it uplifting and Is really, subjective… Feelings, of anxiety and fear are the things, you should worry about

Yes and according to your story its the “guy” who is full of BS… And just, a, word of advise… If you really feel a connection or your intuition picks, up on Sth… Do your own divination before thinking about posting on places like this… Learn to do stuff for yourself as you might end up just, losing hope from relying too much on people’s opinions…

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It do be like that :rofl:

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