Lucifer's message for me ( thought I'd share)

So at some point some time ago I came across this video

Which I believe to be a message from Lucifer, the views were 666 million and the likes were 3.6 million when it popped up randomly on my YouTube

I asked through others multiple times in their evocation and they confirmed it, except for 1 time in a channeling done by Orlee, in which apparently Luce said it was a message from my higher self, but I don’t think it was correct, anyway

Please share your thoughts

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Ok, but then, what’s the message, exactly? Coral lipstick is coming back into fashion this year…?



it looks like you’re not ready yet it was that simple, and orlee was right btw, definitely not Lucifer

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OP, no offense but you just want to hear what you want to hear my dude.


I’m sure that’s happened to other popular videos, too.


If it’s a message I’d say it’s simply : “Come and get it when you’ll be ready”

So go get Lucifer go !
Or else I dunno…


Channeling or invoking yourself is part of all paths. Sometimes a song is just a song. Numbers are just numbers.

While there is a collective thought process within the Occult, this song has ties within the music to India (within the sounds of the music). The dance movements as well.

And 666 does not always mean the devil nor the sign of the beast. Definitely not a message from Lucifer.

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realist answer

two words fantasy land


What’s wrong with wearing make up and taping into the Divine Feminine and Masculine inside yourself?

Both men and women have estrogen and testosterone. It’s biological proven the reason why some women get more sexually aggressive during their cycles is the the testosterone levels go up.

And I can tell you, no, coral lipstick will not be big Spring or Summer 2021. Maybe colors inspired by coral, but not the color itself.

If you’re interested:

:partying_face::smiley: Former socialite, I know my colors and trends well.

But, mmmhmmm, the thoughts in your head are YOU. Which, mmmhmmm…are essentially God right?

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He wasn’t saying there was anything wrong with makeup.


Meme threads get meme answers


Okay disclaimer I am not qualified to diagnose or treat any illness, I’m just some online weirdo. Got that?

My first question is, do you perhaps have high blood pressure? :thinking:

I read the lyrics and it features a distracting amount of “Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.”

“Na” made me think of salt (NaCl is the chemical formula for table salt) and also, “nana” is British slang for banana, a fruit high in potassium which may sometimes help lower blood pressure.

You might want to get that checked, if a pharmacy near you has a meter.

That was the first thing to leap out.

The 2nd was to study Law of Attraction, the lyrics are about how what you want is yours for the asking and that is a philosophy found with LoA.

The third thing is a bit more obscure: the lyrics go

When you’re re-e-e-e-e-e
When you’re re-e-e-e-e-e-ady
When you’re ready come and get it

“Reeee” is common slang for anger, irritation, frustration, and so on, so maybe you need to sit and write out a “Things that piss me off” list, about your own life, your own traits and habits, and life in general, to get that out of your system, maybe do a cleansing ritual.

And in general be more open to handling your anger in a conctructive way instead of ignoring it. Maybe it;s blocking you (there is also a link between high blood pressure and anger).

So I think the lyrics, IF this is a message of any kind, is saying “Handle your inner ‘reeee’ then you will be ready to come and get it.”


OP, go out and hug a tree, do some cleansing and energy work, hang out with some hot bitches. Right now I feel like you are on thin ice and you don’t hear the ice cracking beneath you because you listen a music too loud right now.


Thanks, I didn’t watch the video. Maybe some yoga would also help, and balancing chakras. Those are Indian culture’s best known contributions to the world of spiritual knowledge and this being a pop song tends to point to popular meanings being significant.

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That was some deep insight and I’m sure You could do a full book on that song

don’t know why but I just LO-VE this comment


Alright you saw a repeating number attached to a song. Look at rhe lyrics and take it for what it is.

Having several people look at the message doesn’t change the content of the message. Take it at face value and move on.

Honestly I hate when messages get like that because there is like INFINITE possibilities for it
NO seriously
NO one can translate it better than yourself and the whole continuum of things that you’re made of, think about, currently go through etc etc…
No one will be able to do it for you

Take some time on it, reflect at max 5-15min on it and thats it you should only go with the first or two thing that went into your mind as it was sent to you because it would trigger that thought

My definitive answer on this :arrow_up:


@MagickVigilante another thing - the “r-e-e-e” thing in the song is like more of an “eh” sound, like in “jelly” so that makes me think doing the Stoicheia exercises from Stephen Flowers’ book Hermetic Magic may be helpful.

“N” is Scorpio in that system and “A” is Moon, which again suggests tides, water, salt, maybe a sting in the tail = emotions, also electrolyte stuff perhaps. :thinking:

Doing this might help, daily (it takes less than 2 minutes):

That which is above is like that which is below… anything can be used as a divinatory tool.

I’ve seen weirder stuff on here go unchallenged and be taken seriously. :man_shrugging:


That’s why I don’t dismiss your telling and neither other people currently in that thread
And also your traduction so to call is making my day even better with great smiles on my face and a few chuckkles ( but for exogenous reasons that aren’t magik related)
I really like it, no irony here

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I have no interest in hearing your opinion