Lucifer's Candle - Evocation Ritual

This ancient technique is used for spirit evocation. It’s easy and very effective.
Hope you find it helpful.

What you’ll need is a candle. Black, Red or White. You can choose any other color that corresponds with your desire.

Sit in a dark quiet room or at your altar, light the candle, you can burn some incense if you wish. Perform any ceremonial ritual that you usually do before any evocation, if any. Prepare your offering and get ready.

Hold the candle in your hand. As close to your eyes as possible. Be careful! You need to see the candle’s flame very clearly. Gaze at the deep burning part of the candle, above the wick. This area :

Small birthday candles won’t work well, for obvious reasons. Any other candle which is big enough would be perfect.

Chant/repeat the name of the spirit over and over, you can do it in your mind, no need to say it out loud if you can’t. Chant while gazing at that area in candle’s flame. You need to get the flame really close to your eyes to see things more clear.

After a while, usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes but could be longer, you will SEE the spirit in the flame. It may take the shape of a shadow with a human-like form. Or you could see a crystal clear image of the spirit, as if you’re looking at a TV screen or hologram, that’s what happened to me when I first used it to contact a dead person. I saw the person ALIVE in the flame, moving, smiling… but you won’t hear anything unless you’re skilled enough. If you don’t see anything after 30 minutes or so, very rare but could happen, you can keep chanting or end the ritual then do it again later.

When you see the spirit, ask for what you want. Say everything you have in mind. Give your offering if you usually do that, then thank the spirit. Get the candle away from your eyes slowly until you can’t see anything in the flame. Then blow out the candle.

Do not move until all smoke from the candle is completely gone and you can’t see any of it.

You would probably need to remain in your place, meditate for few minutes until you get back to your normal mental-emotional state. The evocation is done.

This technique is extremely effective and could be very dangerous. Do it at your own risk. You should be able to banish negative energies if needed or handle paranormal activities without panic. Don’t expect anything bad to happen… but you should be prepared, just in case.


Very cool. I’ll have to try this. Thanks!


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re in complete darkness or almost, and keep the flame at a straight line with your eye level…


Wish you success,


I was pretty much game to try this until you mentioned that it can be dangerous. Thank you for stating that it could be dangerous. Would you mind telling what could go wrong? I would like to contact Lucifer in the near future and ask if he is interested in working with me. I’d like to become a better magician and I think he might be willing to teach me. I have tried evoking King Belial and thankfully nothing bad/ scary has happened. I’ve only tried doing a banishing by creating a protective circle for myself although it probably wouldn’t be very effective if something tried hurting me. All I have done is ask King Belial to please take care of me and I’m pretty much at his mercy because I know I most likely would not be able to protect myself. I’d like to know because I practice magick in my room where I sleep, do hw, and work, so if something were to try and hurt me or stick around, it would be pretty bad for me.


You can try it without worry. But it can attract uninvited spirits around you. The nature of those spirits depends on your goal from the ritual. Like attracts like.

The ritual won’t cause spirits to hurt you unless you asked for trouble by provoking them, which I highly doubt you or anyone here would do anyway.

To be safe, perform a basic/simple banishing after the ritual and all should be fine.


Thank you for answering :slight_smile: I think I will try this method in the near future, just need to find a little more courage lol


Holding a candle as close to the eyes as recommended has the potential to damage your vision. especially if you stare at it for as long as fifteen minutes.

@PrinceX with a flame that close, how do you tell that what you are seeing is the spirit, and not simply the overloading of the eye’s rods and cones caused by the light?


I didn’t say “kiss the flame” so not too close of course. If you think it may hurt your eyes, contact your doctor before you try it. Safety first :slight_smile:

You know it’s the spirit because you can SEE the spirit. Not just a mental illusion. As I mentioned, you can see anything from a human-like form or a CLEAR image in the flame. Almost exactly the same as a hologram, I really don’t think light and shadows can create a crystal clear image of a living being. But who knows, judge for yourself.

How do you know that what you see in a dark mirror is not just “overloading of eye’s rods and crones cause by the light” from the candles around it ?

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Well, for one thing, every book I’ve ever read about the technique says to set the candles far enough behind the mirror that the light does not reflect upon it, for just that reason. You also do not stare into the candles; they are simply for illumination and ambiance.

I know from using a candle flame as a mediation focus, that staring at a flame even an arms length away will eventually overload the eyes and create shadows, figures, sparks and “floaters.”

In fire scrying, the flames should be at least an arms length away for the same reason, and that is what this technique essentially is, so I just wanted to know why the flame has to be “as close as possible” and how someone would differentiate the spirit from the spots and floaters that having a light source that close to your eyes would naturally create.


All respect to your opinion, whatever it is :slight_smile:

This ritual is very ancient and originally used to contact a specific type of Djinn. I only modified it a little to be able to use it to contact any spirit.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough about the distance between the eye and the candle. If it’s too close, sure it would hurt the eye. Plus, you won’t be able to see anything if it’s that close. There should be enough distance from the candle. I can’t mention specific distance because it depends on the size of the candle and the flame. You only need to see that area in the flame clearly. That’s the point.

It’s a little tricky at first but once you get used to it, it won’t be a problem. I’m not aware of any medical issues from using this ritual. With common sense, I guess no ritual should cause any harm.


Okay, so essentially it is a method of fire scrying, originally intended to conjure djinn, which are, according to Arabic folklore, beings of smokeless fire. That makes sense, thank you.

From your instructions to have the flame “as close as possible” to the eyes, I envisioned beginners having it close enough to singe their eyelashes, which is why I warned about eye damage, and wanted to know about telling the difference between the spirit and the natural shadows and floaters you get when the eye is exposed to light. I thought maybe you had specific signs to look for.

And I know someone will ask so…is it better to do this technique wearing your glasses and contacts or without them? :grin:


How I forgot to mention that! Better without glasses and cover your wet hair lol
Fire extinguisher + phone with the fire department’s number on speed dial are recommended as well. :grin:

I learned this ritual from a Jewish sorcerer, as he said… fire is the most sacred of the 4 elements. Where did God appear to Moses? IN The flames of the burning bush.
He’s from the middle east so he believes and works with Djinn as well.

Here’s a simple guideline that may help :

Distance = Candle body X 2

So if a candle’s body is 30 Centimeters long, distance should be at least 60. :nerd_face:


It’s also one of the three major gateways into the spirit realm, the others being water and blood. :+1:

Thank you for elucidating a bit more. Much appreciated.


Damn I love this forum lol


That’s actually pretty interesting! I do think that fire scrying is a really good method to see spirits.
Though, I do want to try water scrying at some point XD.

This is a simple and really good method indeed.


Thanks so much, glad you find it helpful :slight_smile:

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… also called PHOSPHENISM. a france doctor study it. look about it, is very important. PHOOSPHENES are the key between reality and other worlds.

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Thanks so much, that’s very interesting. I’m reading about it now. Thanks again :slight_smile:

it’s a duty, great forum, deep bow.

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