Luciferianism and theistic Satanism difference

What is difference between luciferiansim and theistic Satanism?
Can someone recommend YouTube channel to know more and some website

Your title doesn’t fit your question. The Left Hand Path is not exclusively Luciferianism. You can walk the LHP and have nothing whatsoever to do with Lucifer.


Yes sorry I just seen. What is difference between luciferiansim and theistic Satanism?

I edited your title to more clearly reflect what you’re asking about.

The main difference is one worships Lucifer, and one worships Satan (and no, they are not the same entity).

They’re both religions and place their entity of choice in the position of supreme deity. However, a lot of Theistic Satanism seems to be nothing but Christianity with demonic dressing. They just invert everything. Instead of Satan being the bad guy, he is turned into the hero, fighting against the “evil” despot God. Some sects even have their own version of the ten commandments.

Luciferianism seems to be much more free form than Satanism. There are less rules, less structure, and not all Luciferians have a hate on for the JCI religions like seems to be prevalent in Theistic Satanism.


Yes I can agree on this. I never believed hell or heaven after becoming theistic Satanist. And I realised few days ago that I also believe Lucifer don’t ask for worship. Just like luciferiansit believe.

I see problem in theistic Satanism is they strongly criticise idea of being your own God in left hand path. In my view it is bad bec they take it in wrong way.

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This is my conclusion as well. I see it as exactly a sect of xtianity, since it’s not that different, they use all the same concepts, language and paradigms, including sin, redemption, damnation, heaven/hell etc.
It’s a bit like A Norse pagan saying he’s not Norse, he only works with Loki and hates Odin.


I don’t think they worship them, Satan is seen as a symbol of rebellion while Lucifer as a symbol of illumination and guidance, but no worship, at least in the proper spiritual practice, Lucifer doesn’t want to be worshipped imo lol

Yes, they do. You can easily see it in the way they talk about their “god.” And just because Lucifer doesn’t want to be worshipped doesn’t mean that he’s not. All you have to do is read some of the posts about him on this very forum to see the religious mindset in action.

I mean, if that’s what people want to do, all the power to them. However, that approach is not for me. And the OP wanted to know the difference between the two religions, and that’s what I gave him.


My mistake then

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It’s just opinion, my friend. You’re welcome to disagree. It’s all good :slight_smile:

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Yes but if it’s factual that they worship Lucifer then it was a mistake on my part to see differently lol

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Lucifer inspires while Satan empowers.


As someone who is heavily ignorant about religions in general, including these two mentioned here, i have some questions, Satanism and/or Luciferianism worship in general another demons or entities besides Lucifer/Satan?, if the answer is yes, do they use a similar structure to christianism (ex: god, archangel, angel, etc).? Is one of these related to the atheistic satanism or that’s totally different and i’m complety confused?

They tend to see other demons as subordinate to their Big Cheese so, as far as my knowledge goes, they do not worship them as they do their prime deity.

That’s different. In atheistic Satanism, the prime deity is the Self, and demons are seen as archetypes to be emulated, not worshipped. In theistic Satanism, the prime deity is external, and some of them even frown on the idea of the innate divinity of man.

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So demons in both cases would be something similar to saints for Christians? (Or how they should be, considering a lot of Christians worship them like they do with god)

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No, I think they would be considered similar in position to angels, if you were comparing the two systems (I think in Catholicism they call angels Saints, though, so in that case, yes).

Oooh no, Saints are seen as just like human souls with superpowers (basically they ask for you to god to make your petition real).

Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

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My problem with the term “theistic Satanist” is that it seems oxymoronic. If you can identify yourself with Satan then it must be because you are a doubter as Satan was the accuser of the blind faith as we can see in Book of Job. If you are a doubter you are not a believer and if you are not a believer then you are not a theist. I think “theistic Satanists” are really Luciferians who have confused Satan and Lucifer which each others.

One of the key philosophical differences is that luciferianism is rooted in the epistemology of nihilistic existentialism (Sartre, Coiran, Calmus etc.), which posits that existence precedes essence. Man is born a blank slate, the free architect of his own becoming, and how we choose to interact with our environment and experiences determines what we will become, in their view.

Theistic Satanism stems from the epistemology of pre-socratic “wholeness”, the belief that there is no division between the profane and divine, and that manifestations and semblances of the numinous or “Theos” exist within all organic and inorganic matter. Heraclitus called this “fire” but it is more commonly known as “chi” in Eastern practice, “Awen” in Celtic practice and “Breath” in Anglo/Nordic practice.

In this case, essence precedes existence and man is already designed, complete with a true nature (physis) and fire before he comes into being, but has obtained a form of retrograde amnesia, so an “unfolding” of physis has to occur in order to realise his own becoming.