Luciferian Christianity...?

We have politics
They are called politics
Dont bring politics into occult
Just talk about the occult


I get what you’re saying, but I’m saying are you only giving example from organised religion, which I posit is not actually about what Christ taught, or even following Christ.

Who gets to gatekeep what Christianity is really? The churces? they’re all different an they’re all corrupted and dumbed down from the original teachings.

I don’t think the churches get to say, I say, who gets to say is the practitioner. You must chose your own path to ascension now. The breadcrumbs are out there, no church will teach you as they have no idea.

The difficulty I see is when talking to others, labels being a tool for communication, if you say you’re a Christian, and you mean you believe only the red letters of Jesus and anything old testament can be chucked, but you’re talking to some person from a sect of modern mainstream Christianity, you’re probably not going to be understood: they will make assumptions about you that are probably wrong.

There is a form of “Luciferian Christianity”. It’s called Freemasonry. When the members reach a high enough level (33rd Degree), the “truth” that Jesus Christ is actually Lucifer is revealed.

Of course, this is speculation.


The whole idea behind the religion of Luciferianism is Christian, since the figure of Lucifer is a Christian creation, so… :man_shrugging:


I’ve had to seek help from Christians lately, because some crimes happened to me… and there’s almost no other choice where I am. (Long story)

But one thing they have me doing is studying the New Testament. Haven’t done this since I was a little kid in CCD.

So far, I don’t see Jesus speaking against witches. If anything, he appears to be doing some “witchcraft” himself. Very simple, direct magick. Gathering believers to to create the alternate realities he wants to create. (They even say in the Bible to add more people to increase the power of spells/prayers). I see Jesus assuming his godself and willing things.

John 17 even has a prayer you can adapt to assume your godself and take on godpowers. It’s outright magick a lot of this stuff!

Matthew 18:20 is basically telling you to make your own coven to increase the power of your own workings. I.e., gather people together to increase power.

So could it be that yet again Christians are simply not learning from Christ, and are instead tuning into to the pettier parts of the Bible?

It also seems like they’re in love with taking little snippets here or there out of context, piecing together their own petty stuff. It’s like a bird making a bird’s nest out of little bits of found items, but less useful. Lol. It’s kind of crazy.

Here I am basically learning sound magick techniques from the Bible, while most Christians seem to deepen their hatred for supposed “others” from it. Not to mention that Jesus was radically accepting.

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Do this, on Youtube, type in ‘""Christians against Kundalini, Christians, against Yoga, Christians against Astral Travel, Christians against Divination, Christians against channeling spirits ( mediums ), Christians against witchcraft’’’’’’’. Lots of topics to choose from. Just do this and you will get the point. I grew up hearing this christian nonsense. Also, ““Thou shall not suffer a witch to live”” , Exodus 22 : 18… Type this on youtube and google search engine. You will find out.

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Thank you.

Yeah, I know Christians tend to be small minded and hateful. They love to play the roles of the “accuser” in the Bible more than taking on the role of Christ, and basically being god (“being one with god” is definitely being god!) as the Bible clearly tells you to do. It’s hypocritical as hell.

I just didn’t know if the Bible was actually against it or not! Seems like some of their made up BS.

Thank you for mentioning Exodus 22:18. I think I’ll start there! Then search on youtube.

On the upside, at least one pastor told me that some of the things I was doing are just fine. That was pretty cool. “You were born with these gifts. They’re gifts from god. Use them” That actually made me feel pretty good honestly, lol

I sent a P.M. I figured out when I was younger, the real accurse was the ( jci ) religions. They preach against the sin the most, then commit the sin the most. My experience first, later, ““What the J*** are and do, they accuse Satan and the Demons.”, and, ““they accuse others of what they are and do.”” Also, I told a guy that said we have no opinion on the jci god and his plans for us and life, that his theology was Communism… He denied this. Months later, I found the article, “Christianity and Communism : J***** Twins.””. Experience first, then, confirmation later. Like I have said, something beyond myself is guiding in this whole occult life endeavor. ( I want to be careful here so no one gets mad. No witch hunts here, just telling it as to how I have experienced it.

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You’re right. If we view the bible as a sort of a play, a lot of Christians play “the accuser” role from the bible instead of the Christ role. The one that accuses and accuses and accuses and taunts to death innocent people. The one that murders people from the inside out.

And what does “accuser” mean to a Christian? Well, it’s supposed to mean the devil. (I won’t say Satan, because Satan has a special meaning to a lot of people on this forum)

Or another way to say it is “the evil inclination”. The Yetzer Hara.

So out of all the choices of character they have from the Bible, too many Christians seem to pick the most hurtful one. They become the accuser, and endlessly taunt innocent people. The embody Yetzer Hara. It’s a poor choice.

Yep. John is magick. Never knew that until a few weeks ago.

That’s a wonderful line. I’m surprised I don’t hear the Neville Goddard type people talk about that line more.

Also Morgue made an interesting video about this… although he may have his own agenda.

Oh, scrolling down a bit, I see you posted it! Never mind. Lol

I don’t know about Yahweh or anything, but we are certainly all divine. You SEE it on psychedelics. Very easy. Some people see it without psychedelics. Sometimes I see it when I meditate a lot. I saw it a lot more when I was a child, though

I kind of think the “one god” is a substance, though, and we’re all made of it. I prefer to call that god “All That Is”.

Then Yahweh, and Yah, Yahuah and all that… I’m guessing these are just entities with followings. Corporate, almost, in reach… like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Or Even Elon Musk. Yeah, he’s a good modern example. A guy (an incarnate entity) with MANY followers.

Satan =Truth in sanskrit and Adversary in hebrew, so i have read. Religious elite hate Truth, it seems. ( hate for the rest of us having it , at least ). jci religiona are the real accusers. The institutions and religious rulers. Not necessarily the religious, spiritual population. Lots of nice jews, christians, muslims.

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I hope you’ll be open to this. Seems like you are.

My suggestion — at some time, actually go into self-hypnosis or a deep trance… maybe while listening to a deep theta based audio track… and actually TRY the I Am statements of the Bible.

Just repeat one, slowly and out loud if you can, until something in your reality changes. Then move to the next one.

Wikipedia says there’s over 300 such statements, but even the ones in John are enough.

This might be considered sacrilegious by some, but just by observing Christians, sometimes I see the most badly behaved ones are always pointing… using their fingers to point OUT THERE somewhere. As if Christ lives on another planet.

Whereas the ones with the most empathy — most abilities, too — seem to somehow “become one with god”. Yet what does “become one with god” really mean? I reckon it means Be God. Very similar to how this forum is named, actually, and precisely the verse you quoted.

The “I Am” statements I reckon are one of the forms of potent transformation magick in plain sight in the Bible. And, of course, as you change — so does the world around you.

The Bible seem to be all over the place at times, probably serving some hidden agenda at the Catholic Church. However, they seem to have left some of the most potent mind magick in with few blemishes. Reality altering self-programming that anybody, on any path can use.

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…Why are the words “Jew” and “Jewish” censored?


Because , I am NOT on a witch hunt, but there are a lot of people that do not understand that, and IF I use Jew and Jewish, they might freak out and Flag the comment. Also, there are ‘’‘infiltrators’’’’ that want to use anything and everything to call people like me an ‘‘Antisemite’’. Racist, etc. in order to cover up the truth about the Jewish elite agenda. Gentile elite criminals as well. And, can’t discuss politics, as that is not allowed. So, I am just being careful.

There was a group called the Church of the Final Judgement who worshiped Jehovah and Satan.

I can’t really take Christianity seriously, but would be inclined to believe one can find appropriate Gnostic elements, and Old Torah beliefs to formulate a Satanism that saw Yahweh and Satan as One.