Luciferian Agenda?


I dumped some recent UPG over here: Opinions: lucifer is/is not satan


I was a hardcore catholic who would help out kids at church and go to adult groups. Each group id attend, I’d get kicked out of by talking about giants (genesis 6) and talk about aliens. They all were so closed minded.

I spent 6 years helping in events and things reguarding spiritual growth such as meditation and growing you inner divine light. They also didn’t like that I went to peoples houses and cleansed them. They stated “only priest can do that”.

All in all their minds were all dull and they always said we were terrible beings and we NEED Christ. Makes me sick. We all have divinity within. So I stopped going.


Why should we care about the masks or true Lucifer? I’ve got my own self I need to worry about.

As to the human-created Luciferian agenda, that’s just using his name. Elitists want to control others so this sect is thereto appear as the opposite of the Christian agenda. It’s part of the apocalypse games to pit the masses against each other while the elitists watch and take away our freedoms. They are not about freedom nor truth. Now that the entity should be annoyed at but humans are given free choice and must discern truth and find their own path.


Lucifer giver of knowledge and knowledge is power. How do we use this knowledge? We must make our own individual choice and live by it.


That’s awesome ! Elitist are the true enemy. And by makIng people fear even approaching Lucifer, causes even more control.


You can have that question answered performing a test.

Ask for a sign from god (the one who cast 1/3 of the angels from heaven).

Nothing will happen.

Ask for a sign from Lucifer.

Oh you will get that very soon!

Who cares for you the most?
Send a message to all of your contacts. You will know who cares more about you are those who after seeing the message replies faster.

That simple.

After you get in contact with Lucifer you will realize how caring he is. He doesnt judge! He accepts you just the way you are.

When you compare, the old god is just a kid playing with his ant farm. Randomly burning and punishing the ones who dont play the way he wants and pleases him.

The angels who first went against this authoritarian being deserve ultimate respect!

We do everything wrong and they understand because look at what was given to us to deal with! They help us everyday.


no sorry you are wrong, well okay, to some extend, but he is not actually friend of humanity, he sees them lesser, and more like a cattle…


luciferianism is “elitism” and they work with greys trough androids, so that “transhumanism” thing is also partly right…

i continue about this tomorrow, but you all should maybe think lucifer being only title, like satan, rather than singular being(s)


im tired and my brain is mushy, ask anything about this subject i will continue tomorrow…


I see. Are you still a Catholic now?


Nope. I gave it all up, and felt my final shackle was removed. It did take awhile but Sallos helped me more than the Church ever did.

I’m a spiritual being living a physical existence and can have help from angels, demons, Gods, and Goddesses. Couldn’t feel more at peace now


The agenda at highest level is mastery over the material world.
Which there are efforts to try and achieve.
It’s being done immorally though.
Yes there is LH ,RH paths but I think what EA and other Black Magicians at BALG isn’t that bad.
Mark Passio talks about the mystery teachers and These Master of Magic thousands of years ago ,actually refusing to teach those who do not believe in god/source/infinity (whatever you want to call it.)

I think it’s an Anti Human , Anti Spirituality agenda.


As I’ve said elsewhere here, Lucifer to me has been the God I’ve always hoped for but never found in organized religions. He is beyond perfection, he defines perfection and outlines it through and through those that love him and put their trust in his highest ways.


Yes that final statement is exactly what they want. Make us dull and have no spiritual life so we live and conform to what they cookie cut us into.

BALG has every side going at the same thing (at least from my perception)


:love_you_gesture: agreed. The God they don’t want you to call because he WILL come !


When I did my actual dedication prayer to Lucifer as similar to what “joy of satan” has available on their site, I had rather quick paranormal responses of being acknowledged! So yes I’d absolutely agree, you get answers!