Is there anyone here on this forum who is willing to help me contact Lucifer? I’m trying and it’s not working. Or maybe just pass along a message that I’ve been trying to contact him. I’ve actually said “Lucifer if you want to work with me can you please tell me? And if you don’t can you point me to another entity who is willing and want a one hell”. I just don’t want to waste Lucifer’s time nor mine. Thanks in advance.


In my experience there are many ways to contact him and he’s pretty easy to reach.
First thing I’ve ever tried to do was basically meditate on his sigil.
I didn’t know how to meditate and was pretty much an atheist when I did this.

I just took his sigil on the internet, focused on it. And after a while I felt his energy coming through my body, it was light but it was the first time I ever felt something, and a few other experiences occurred with him.
I would advise you to do the same ; focus on his sigil, and find his enn on the internet, chant it during your meditation.
You should start with that and see what happens.

One thing I would add : in my experience, you reach him when you open your heart, when you let your emotions speak. We’re not that close, I can’t say I ever worked with him really, but everytime I really needed him, he answered my call.


I made this for people like you brother


I’ve actually I don’t if it sounds crazy or not, but I’ve actually just been talking to his Sigil as if it were a real person. And just venting to him. Could that maybe help? And you said emotions are key. If I channel my anger could I use that?


You need to enter the Theta Gamma Sync / trance state to hear spirits


I never tried anger with him so I don’t know. And yeah I believe speaking to his sigil could help, or at least won’t do any wrong.

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Okay I’ve read on this site about the Theta state and can you guys maybe just break it down in the most simple of terms so that I can understand. How do I get into it and how do you know you’re in it once you’re in it? I’ve read and to be honest I don’t get it. Thanks

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He speaks about it quite a lot in this video, if you have not seen it already then i highly recommend watching it many times, it’s very informative.


In order to talk to any spirit you need to improve your astral senses. At least to the point that you can hear him in your thoughts.
Listening to your thoughts and learning to recognise which thoughts are yours and which ones belong to the spirit is the key here (at first that is).

But also, you need to learn as much as you can about Lucifer in order to feel more connected to him. He’s beginner friendly so it’s not going to be that hard.

Also talking to the sigil like you’re talking to a person may help you connect with the sigil emotionally. I actually use no sigil nor any other tools during a summoning. I feel that I have enough energy and in time, you too shall feel like that.

Anyway, do your best and good luck!

does anyone know how would i know if my pact with lucifer actully went thru and was accepted like what are the things that i would notice after can someone help me with this cause i have did a pact recently with lucifer and someone actully has helped me with this come im still pretty new but anyways so i was told it will be accepted but i dont have no real way of knowing the person that helped me make this pact said i should watch for signs in my dreams but i have not had any dreams that i even can remember so nothing there anywys im just really not sure if i should cont on as if it went thru and still do what i had said i would do or just assume it didnt go thru cause its been almost a month and have no real way of knowing if it went thru anyways anyones thoughts and opinins would be greatly appreciated so much or better if theres anyone that talks to lucifer reguarly mabye u could ask him for me im just so not sure what i should do next ok thank you so much…
oh ya and i would ask him myself but im still so new i cant hear them yet or anything like that im workin on trying to but as of now i still can not…thanx :wink:

I suggest you to believe both your power and Lucifer’s power. If you can’t talk to a spirit then the only way to find out is to wait and see if what you asked manifests. Or I guess you could try some form of divination.

Just a thought. If Lucifer doesn’t answer try Amaymon. If he doesn’t answer try Enki.
If he answers ask him why I recommended that.:sweat_smile: @Ajc1