I do not mean this perfectly … I mean I do not use magic I need a simpler things

No … I mean I do not use magic … I need simple things

If you don’t use Magick why are you on a Magick forum?


I just need a simpler things … because I do not Know Magic

I do not mean that … I need simple things I do not know about magic a lot

To answer you question Lucifer is a demon after all, he is the king of the I freak empire/ hell and is a part of the darker currents of Magick. To work with him is to jump into those currents and those currents can also be called black Magick.

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Good but how do I do it … I do not know magic It may be decisively

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Let me ask you this: do you pray to a deity?

That’s a form of magick if you do because with prayer you are petitioning that entity something (usually) even if it’s just the old now I lay me down to sleep prayer or the our father prayer. So if you pray technically you are doing /trying-to-do magick

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Then you don’t start with Lucifer. You start by work on yoirself. You have to crawl before you walk, walk before run, run before you sprint. Jumping right into the Lucifer pool will het you in with parasites and some can be like what you see in horror movies. I’m not going to sugar coat that. You have to work on yourself, your skills and senses. This goes for all Magick.


very good … How do I do this … How do I start myself

You need to start by using the search function here, then get books and watch videos. All the books and videos are mentioned here. Become a Living God has its own YouTube. @C.Kendall as a Facebook page, YouTube page and TikTok called the infernal obelisk. He also does mentorship as does This site itself.

There thousands of places to start you have to pick something and jump in.

Most start with Wicca and grow into Left Hand Path a different Right Hand Path path or anything else. If you can dream it someone teaches it.


I do not pray … But can be met with Lucifer And also prayer Is not this contradiction

I think I understand … Thank you so much … I’ll do it

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Start here:

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I’m exiting this debate right after I prove prayer is petitioning and so is an attempt at magick by pointing out the petitions in the aforementioned prayers.

Me I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord my soul to keep if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take straight up to heaven to be with thee to live and reign eternally.
Petition: lord keep my soul
Petition; lord if I die take take me to heaven
Petition: when I get to heaven let me reign with you

The our father has theses petitions
1)thy kingdom come
2)thy will be done
3)give us this day our daily bread
4) and lead us not into temptation
5) deliver is from evil
So I think that prove prayer is a form of petition magick (a poor form at that since most people never get what they prayed for )

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Magick is magick, nothing makes it good or evil but yourself. You decide whether magick is evil or benevolent.

You can summon Lucifer with Lady Eva’s evocation guide, all you need is the guide, his sigil, and an enn if you want.

just type in “lucifer enn”, “luicfer sigil”.

The Lady eva’s evocation guide is about as easy as it gets, do that and take notes.


Can you explain more

Use that.

Open Google then type “Lucifer sigil” print it out or trace it,
Next type into Google Lucifer enn, write it down under the sigil, then follow the evocation ritual.

That’s as easy as it gets unless you want me to wipe your ass while I’m at it, c’mon dude!


light a candle in the darkness, focus on that flame, closing your eyes slowly until you can see it even with them shut, and then call to him in a whisper


Thank you so much