Lucifer: What kind of entity is he? Angel? Demon?

Can some please specify what kind of entity he is? I’m curious.


He is a demon but he may give some angel vibes because of the light he can make you see while you talk to him. But angels and demons are spirits, beings of energy (and all souls are the same thing), so it doesn’t really matter.


Lucifer is the light-bringer. In this way, he is Prometheus. He who would gift humanity with the knowledge of Gods.
Lucifer is the morning-star. In this way, he is Venus. The word “lucifer” is Latin for the morning star, Venus.
Lucifer is Phosphorous. In this way, he is essential to all life and to the birth of stars themselves.
Lucifer is not an angel or a demon. In this way, he is both an angel and a demon. These are various perceptions that humanity has structured for him.

Lucifer is the Crown. The place of enlightenment.
Lucifer is Sulfur. The catalyst to the alchemical process.

Lucifer is the energy of enlightenment, transformation, and evolution. He was not originally a “being” or entity. He can now assume a consciousness and likeness because we have imbued that energy with these things. His truth goes way, way beyond that.


Angelic demon.


Imma say shapeshifter both in form and energy. Kinda like what i hear of the morrigan.

He enjoys makin a point to me about the fluidity of his nature. I’ve experienced aspects of light,dark, draconic and blends of each.


An awesome one.

All other classifications are arbitrary in my opinion. A being that one calls a demon is a deity to another or was one in the past. Deities become saints, saints become angels. You see what I’m going for here.

Call them what you want, what matters is what their abilities are, how they can help you, how you can form a good relationship with them, which ones you might be more aligned with than others. Practical things.


I believe spirits may change their spiritual class. So a nature spirit can become a celestial spirit, a celestial spirit can become and infernal spirit, and an infernal spirit can become a nature spirit. So to me, Lucifer was originally a celestial spirit but not so much an angel, in the idea he served the Christian god. In my opinion, he served the Greek and Roman gods or were simply associated with them. Lucifer is connected to spiritual/intellectual ascent. Thus with the coming of Christianity taking over, science and logic losing to faith and superstition, the individual losing itself to the crowd, that’s when Lucifer fell and became a demon. So he’s a demon with a celestial background and calls upon the powers of his original lineage quite often.


Lucifer told me he is Part God part Demon, part angel, even alien etc.

He is an entity that is extremely old … So he has incarnated in many forms


He is the angel of light the reflection divine within us as humans, he is the Rebel that stands against tyrrany, the part of the universe that holds its self accountable even if it doesn’t.


Hello NeoPtolemus,
As Levilevi stated Lucifer is both darkness and light! He is and was the bringer of knowledge to mankind. He has suffered millenia of hatred and distrust for bringing mankind knowledge. He told me the last time i channeled him that he does not mind the negative feelings and fears sent to him by humanity because once they are sent to him he transmutes them to a higher vibration. Lucifer is not Satan they are 2 different entities. He also does not call people to make sacrifices of any kind in his name. He loves humanity! He brought us knowledge via Gods/Goddesses will to help us grow. Humanity since then has used that knowledge peppered with their own insecure fears thus demeaning and degrading the gifts he was sent to give us. He will listen to and help you through any and all things and will even play the evil character in any story you wish to write him into. He will not and does not hurt, sacrifice, possess or use lower vibrations against people, as we are his responsibility.



Angel. Still is. But he has got a dark energy too.

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He is a Celtic sun deity and is the same archetype as Jesus, Hermes, and Prometheus.
In order to turn people against pagans, the church fathers added the word “Lucifer” in the old testament in a verse that was vilifying a pagan king, comparing his arrogance to rebellion against the hebrew deity. Instead of people asking why a Greek name would be in a Hebrew text, they just rolled with it because people thrive on being brainwashed and now normal douche bags think Lucifer is “the devil.”


Lucifer is very much like Ahriman.

That means Lucifer is more of a force than a simple being. Lucifer is part infernal, celestial, demonic, angelic, light, darkness, the sun, Venus, Saturn etc.

These are various energies and powers combined with that ancient consciousness that is what Lucifer is.

More names than there are winds, as many titles as there are ways too die. (LOVE AMERICAN GODS :laughing:)


Neither!! In reality Lucifer is a name and deity created by ancient Rome that has no validity as a demon. Lucifer is a SYMBOL of enlightenment not the lord of the underworld or a demon but was demonized starting in 20th century starting with the publication of Lucifer the Lightbearer the journal published in the United States by Moses Harman.

There is already a hefty thread on this subject:

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In my experience, he’s a demon, angel, and god.