Lucifer vs Vassago

Hey guys so i was doing a research as to which demon could help the best in divining the best and predicting stuff like LOTTO NUMBERS ( I know its not recommended to do that) but just out of curiosity i wanted to know which demon is the best for stuff like this , Lucifer or vassago . Who could divine the most accurate lotto numbers or game score or question papers for a test( just out of mere curiosity) thanks fam !

Vassago usually helps you find things that are lost or misplaced. i dont think he does numbers. he has helped me when i forget where something is lol


I don’t know if Lucifer actually will help you with that… It’s kind of a taboo matter, this one. I suggest you ask him about it and see his response.

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This is hardly an original idea, and has been tried many times. There are multiple threads about it, with people’s experiences.


Not Vassago, there’s another daemon who does it. But honestly, it is hard to do lottos with precise numbers. Remember, the casinos and the gambling industries are no fools either.