My "win the lottery" experimentations thread

Okay let me start with a disclaimer + admission: Sure I wanna be a millionaire. As I’ve been saying all over the board lately I have plans, and those plans require a HEAP of money. However I’m not staking everything on winning the lottery. I do have other plans that I am working on… But yes I’ve been doing a little bit lately to try to win the jackpot. Here are my reasonings:

Reason #1

It IS possible. What I see going against it isn’t that it’s hard. It’s all the people that tell other people don’t even try because of this reason or that reason, putting the seeds of doubt into their minds and thus fettering their magickal ability.

BUT! It is possible. I have seen it. I have experienced it.

Example #1: When I was very young my father, who told me never ever to use my super powers to gain money lest I lose them, used his super powers to get the future lottery numbers. And for years he played those numbers faithfully.

Until one weekend. That weekend he changed the numbers.

Guess what numbers came in.

I have never ever played a straight set of numbers because of that.

Example #2. When I was about 17 I was at a neighbor of a friend’s house and the draw was coming on. For just a moment my head was “open” and I predicted the numbers because I could before they came up. I got them 100% correct.

And yes, those people were very afraid of me after that. Avoided me like nobody’s business. Probably would still today.

Example #3: Someone had left “the silly copy” of the Necronomicon at my house when I was in my early 20’s. I was curious if I could pronounce the rituals so I said the first one outloud. Then I took a nap on the couch. Got told, “Hey you belong here, you don’t have to do all that extra stuff, just come when you want to” essentially.

Woke up, was a little mystified, and went through a couple of other rituals over the course of time until I got to Shammash.

Poor Shammash.

See, he tried to give me the winning numbers. But I kept getting interrupted: cat jumped on my face, people knocking at the door, etc. So all I got was 2 numbers.

I did play those 2 numbers. They did come in.

Then he gave me a scratch off ticket.

So I got one in real life, scratched it, won a couple of bucks. In fact it was the amount he told me when he handed me the ticket. (I can no longer remember the amount.)

So yes. Yes it is possible to win the lottery, the jackpot at that. I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest obstacle for many magicians is the inability to trust oneself, much less a god or what have you they may be entrusting their future to.

That being said: Reason #2

Winning the lottery would take learning how to trust yourself. It would take effort. It would take a lot of work (magical rituals, contacting things, the works). In other words, going through the actual motions would be a real workout for a magician. And if you never win the lottery? Meh. You win the bulking up of your magical muscles. So still a win-win.

Finally: Reason #3

It would be nice if the husband could participate in my plans with me instead of working all of the time. =^-^=

I have done money making magic in the past, and I have chosen not to go that route for this. Money making magic brings me lots of high paying work. I’ve “rubbed elbows” with some interesting folks. I am not interested in rubbing elbows that way right now. I don’t wanna work hard anymore. I am effing tired.

I will happily do glamor magick to make me more sparkly so I can get a better role somewhere, though. Anyway.

So I started by contacting Clauneck. And currently I’m at a level of, “English: do you speak it?!!” LOL To sum up, he has been very receptive to my attentions. He has not asked for anything in return for some reason. He has given me a good feeling of, “Yes. My answer is yes.” So I know that I must show some faith, even though I am a flighty creature and will be scattering about because my heart just loves everybody.

I will draw how I saw him and post him here later. Just not tonight. I’m sitting up due to getting better in parts thanks to people here but don’t wanna push it. I will tell you his fur was very thick and shiny.

He keeps showing me images of things. They’re always red. (I found out later red is one of his 2 colors.)

The first time I contacted him I was put through a transformation where I went through a lot of my lives revealing that I just tend to gravitate to being a merchant or having money or (ahem) being a pirate, etc. And then I saw a ship’s dock. But through a red lens.

The second time - crap I can’t remember but it also ended in red.

The third time was typical. I was interrupted by an inconsiderate person just as he came and was showing me… 3 red apples?

So I’m still trying to figure out what he’s saying.

So for now we’ll see if I have anything else to report later.

EDIT: Oh, I just remembered. Clauneck gave me a number. It did come in.


i am the aforementioned hubby and yes we are trying for lots of money. While it would make our lives much easier we also have significant plans to give back to those that help us. Our temple is in need of repair among other things. I have worked hard all my life and done lots of different things(from soldier to tech support for a hospital) and its time for us to do what we want to do, not what we have to do


We have tried this before got a group of like 15 to agree on some numbers and no go. My theory is it is magickally warded, but it is obviously possible. So good luck.


Well, either I win or I get stronger. Like I said: a win-win. I also invest in penny stocks… never put all your apples in one basket.


Good mentality keep it up


The difficulty with using magic to win the lottery is the same as influencing public figures. Lots of other people putting their influence into the mix. I’m just gonna throw out some theory. Maybe try to block or filter out opposing influences before working to influence it yourself?


we have plans and plans and more plans for when we run out of plans. the lotto would be an instant fix but its not our only course


I have thought about that tactic but there are so many. That’s a lot of blockage, a lot of time. Good strategy but… then all your direction gets put into that.

So rather I am going to try to be the sharpest, fastest arrow. Ask any spirit. I’m the fastest flyer in the cosmos. :wink:


A lot of crossfire happening in the lottery by my estimate. Many sorcerers and witches all trying to hit jackpot simultaneously creates a magical tug-o-war, so no one gets it. Warding also seems propable Though last time I used magic to win the lottery, I did. :star_struck: A whole 20 € was mine…



But that’s just it. You DID.

You are right about the crossfire. So… adapting the ability to walk between raindrops … hrmm… Oh oh. A new plan is forming.


I’m thinking along the lines of simple warding. There is only one facility where the numbers are drawn. Ward that one place against influences not in accord with yours. But your idea could work too.


I think I’m going to take that into the idea as well. This is such a challenge, I’m totally charged now. LOL.

And I confess I happen to have had the world offered to me numerous times. Someone out there wants me rich. Sooooo… that might give me a slight edge. But I’m not counting on that (pun not intended).

Ah! I need to think this through.


Don’t know if winning lottery is possible but knowing the outcome of a game/race/stock market is surely possible. I know a case where someone made money at 1:100 ratio just by betting on stock market for the first time . He was given a powerful household ring by his teacher, a siddha and was told to observe any number that may come at his dream that day, that will be his ticket to millionaire. For him it worked.


Well, who wouldn’t want more monnies? We’ve built the foundation of our sorry materialistic little lives around that silly concept of money (currency, really), so of course we want more of it :wink:

This is inspiring. I’ve been meddling with lottery magic myself for a while now as a tool to fine tune my intuition (and a complement to ordinary ‘prosperity magic’). One month I had a 40% accuracy when picking scratch lottery tickets, which was fun! And I’ve learned that when it’s not my intuition but rather my desire for money that pulls me it fails every time. So I’ve learned to discern my intuitive nudges from the lust for results. It’s a good learning practice! A little bit of ‘skin in the game’ so to speak.

I’ve been meaning to get into numbers’ lottery as well, and the idea of warding the place/time of when the numbers are drawn is really awesome. Will try that. Thanks for the idea @Faustus and @Akashiel!

In the end, it’s just about stacking against the odds, until the odds are in your favor. And yes, I realize getting a jackpot of some sort are against astronomical odds, but it’s all fun and games :slight_smile:

@Spearcarrier Have you been working with any other wealth/treasure/prosperity spirits or entities related to this experiment? And also, keep us posted on your success, will’ya? :smiley:


Can you be more specific on that money magic…are there specific rituals you perform… Or is it spells you do…???


Yes that can be true…but also I think our powers are not that strong… Do you think a person like E.A …if he want to win a lottery
will be impossible…!!? I’m sure it will be simple as eating a piece of cake…

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Who knows? I myself have no idea how powerful E.A might be.


:blush::blush:dig him $ you will understand…

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There’s my point, right there! You forget your skill, your trust in what you can do, and blammo! The spell (as it were) flies in your face.

Not really. I’ve done the odd money spell through the years with no success. I’ve found that if I’m at my computer and I send out the worry/wish for more income, income comes in the form of work. But going direct like this is something I usually fail at, which is why I think it will be a skill building exercise.

Yes, I was pondering keeping you guys posted! Just for the fun of it… and besides. Maybe it will help someone.


@Spearcarrier Yeah, it really is that bugger called Lust for Results. And then magick as it were originates from Desire. I mean… what gives? I suppose it has to do with whatever state of mind you’ve got going at the time of it… But yeah it’s easy to forget our own power and untapped potential some times…

As a hilarious side-note - whenever I’ve done money magic out of desperation - I’ve gotten more bills than I expected! So there’s that… don’t do money magic out of desperation, because it will backlash. :smiley:

I think the key to it all is to make it into a kind of game, where the stakes may still be high, but it’s still a game and your life and well being won’t depend on it.

Also, for anyone wanting to attempt this or similar experiments: don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose!

I’ll stop rambling now :smiley: