Lucifer vs Michael

Who is the most powerful protecter? Lucifer or Michael or are they equal?

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What type of protection do you need? There isn’t really a more powerful one. They each are better at different things and actually work really well together.


Protection against the magick of other magicians and witches.


The one you think it is.


Between the two, I would have to give it to Michael. That’s basically his wheelhouse. Back in the day, even EA Koetting called upon him for it:


The article does not talk about if that witch coven had Lucifer’s protection, so you mean that Lucifer would not could protect them against Michaels binding?

As Darkest Knight said protection is Michael’s wheelhouse, it seems like you’re trying to pick by who’s more powerful. Both are equally powerful, both are called for protection, one more than the other (Archangel Michael). You have to pick who you resonate with more imo. Either pick from your heart or pick both.

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Hands down Micheal but if I was in your situation I would actually use both since I have amazing relationships with both of them. When it comes to Magick and attacks then more protection and personal warding the better.

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Lucifer resonates me most but it’s not good if Michael is more powerful as he also can attack like the binding he did for EA.

There will always be a bigger fish in the sea. If Lucifer were to bind someone it would also be strong like Michael’s.
You don’t know the back story of other people’s experiences to decide who is protected by who and if your protection will be stronger than theirs.

Basically if you want to keep comparing strengths then you might get stuck imo, there are many spirits and deities.

Edit 2: Michael is best known for protection and many will vouch for him. He’s quick, he’s efficient and he’s strong. So is Lucifer in my experience. If you’re confused, follow your intuition or go to both for protection.


All what I have read describe Michael as the most powerful protecter in the universe, so I never assume that Lucifer is stronger but the question is if he is equal to Michael? Would that binding EA did on the witch coven have worked if they had Lucifer’s protection?

Lucifer is equally strong. I cannot answer the rest of your question because I don’t know how to.

The Lucifer worshippers will, of course, disagree, but in the mythology, Michael is stronger. He is the one who put down Lucifer’s rebellion, and cast him from Heaven, not God (Revelations). God commanded it, but Michael is the one who actually did it (remember, to Christians, Lucifer is synonymous with Satan).

Yes, Michael could overcome Lucifer’s protection. As I stated before, it’s literally what he is known for.

Archangels are extremely powerful; there isn’t much they can’t overcome. They can bind, chain, and beat on, most of the popular demons. However, several people on the forum have evoked both Lucifer and Michael together and said they got along fine, so Michael is probably more likely to ask Lucifer to withdraw his protection, rather than just go in with his flaming sword swinging lol


Could you imagine, asking Lucifer to protect you just to find out that he let pass Michael to destroy you cause they’re besties?


If the cause is just, some deities have been known to do just that. They basically weigh up whether or not the one they are protecting needs to learn a lesson, or a little humility, and they will then let them get hit. They know that some humans need to bleed before they will change their ways.


This article raises something very interesting:

"You see, spiritual entities are, for the most part, conscious and intelligent currents of power. (…). In fact, the entire myth of demons versus angels is just that … a myth.

That’s like saying that the electricity that powers your laptop doesn’t like the electricity that powers your washing machine. Your washing machine may require a different amount or a different type of electricity than your laptop, and so the devices are approached differently with how they receive that electricity. But, the electricity itself is the same.

Likewise, the power that angels can activate on your behalf is the same power that demons, elementals, planetary spirits, and bodhisattvas tap into to work their miracles in your life. And this is the same limitless power that YOU have access to when you conduct your ritual operations"

I hope you find it useful as well.

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I had the opposite just minus the destroying part. Michael as always let Azazel and Lucifer pass but. Thus why I always call on both Michael and Lucifer if something is bad bad. If it is something dark I call Lucifer first then if needed Michael.


My family is also into Angelic Magick and in the cases were we’ve had conflicts they always choose angelic forces to continue with the attack but since I entered into a pact with Lucifer he has always been a good option for my protection… But I’ll consider better my board after what DK said, cause who knows if something else happens in the future

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Michael beats the dragon who is Satan but the question is if Satan and Lucifer are the same? Some in this forum talked about that Lucifer is more powerful than Satan because Lucifer is an emperor.

So it’s possible to summon Michael in the Luciferian triangle of manifestation I have on my satanic altar without problems?