Lucifer Throne room in Hell

I come across this huge black castle

I enter it, I see chandeliers on top, 5 I think, heading vertical towards the throne chair, there is a red carpet heading towards the chair up some stairs, Lucifer sits

Asks me what I think, it’s a very Gothic style room, I like it, I had some suggestions though, the red carpet felt repetitive, I suggested dark purple, he likes red he says

Asks me another suggestion, I say 3 paintings on each side of the hall leading to throne, one of Lilith, Belial, king Paimon, Samael and I don’t know, more

I also suggest 2 red candles on each side of the throne, held by a long stick each one.

Some time passes, I am relaxing in there, he then asks me what I think, I say, pretty nice, good for relaxing and meditating

I say Ommmm

As soon as I said that Lucifer says shhhh… don’t use that word, they don’t like it here,

I could feel I was being observed by various beings after I said that, after Lucifer realized I was a bit scared, he turned huge and black with horns and wings

“He is NOT to be touched, he is a friend, he saved my life, he is new here, he has made a mistake, he doesn’t know the rules.”

“Forgive me my lord, we did not know.”

The being turns to me:" Please forgive us."

I go:“Are you talking to me?”


“Oh ok, it’s no problem, I forgive you, I understand.
I am new here though so I don’t know the rules.”

They all leave, I then stay a bit then leave myself.

One of the Beings apparently didn’t listen and was still angry
Lucifer tells me to call him,

“You DARE hurt him?”
And then I could see him eventually I think beating or killing the Being, actually just as I wrote this he said “I killed him Alex.”


You should make all this into a single journal.


I wanted to do this yes

I agree with this have lady Eva merge it for you. You his why you have a good record of it all.

Do you want to share the story about how you saved Lucifer’s life? I know for one I would like to hear it.


it ties into some deep stuff, id rather not, though i think lucifer is ok with it, i am not so much ok with sharing

EDIT: Lucifer said let them know so here goes:

one night me and lucifer were relaxing in my room
i thought he lookedthirsty so i offered him my glass of water from where i drank
apparently the light in the water, the light that is my energy was causing lucifer to essentialy combust from within, i was terrified and asked him what to to quickly

“Call Ra.”

I pray to Ra, please come quick, your son needs your help, please, (i was crying)

Ra arrives, he helps lucifer, lucifer is ok again

i was overcome with guilt even though it was an accident,

“its ok alex, its ok, dont worry, hey, you saved my life.”

I was still too stricken with guilt, i kept crying

i heard the Hells however cheer with their weapons in the air, and a very loud war roar that trembled the Hells.

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Like you know your true self? parents and such?

i had many incarnations, and therefore i had a couple parents lol

That’s why I said true self, vessel parents don’t count

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i dont know my true self yet

anyway there was a bit of a chat between beings just now, i will cancel a part of the story

I assume since they acknowledge you as what you said that would be some indication.

Anyway thank you.

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This is all really interesting gnosis. You seem really close to knowing your true self it seems?

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im just glad Lucifer is ok


Ok you got my racking my brain didn’t you describe the great hall as having 3 thrones? I mean I know the great Hall and Throne rooms are different I’m just trying to figure out how the great Hall has more what you said were thrones.

Your personal gnosis is very interesting I wish you luck as I have said before.

Cute, have been me I’d have the entire Hell against me right now.
Proceeds “oooommmm-ing” the fck out of Hell it self.


this is not the great hall, this is the throne room


I know I said I know they are different I was asking how the great Hall supposedly had more thrones then the actual throne room. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on it.

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So your energy is toxic? That was what was killing him? I am kinda confused on it.

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What do You mean?