Lucifer the teacher and the troll

He tearith down your ego.

He humbeleth you before your peers.

He showith your true nature.

He also gives us a swift kick in the ass when one is needed. I am the trickster, master, lover, enemy of the most high, prince of the earth and antagonist to Christ. I am all and one, I am everywhere and no where.

So lord lucifer gas basically been trolling me for a good portion of my life. There I said it, I finally got that screaming holler monkey off my chest and manned up. Lord lucifer had been laying out events in my life and making them appear as if they were regular occurrences. When I think about it now I always felt powerless, being put down like a dog by the people in my life and being unable to even bare my teeth against them. The occult gave me that power to do what I wanted when I wanted it. Just think about it for a moment, think about how much power we were born with. Think about how many people who willingly choose to abandon this power for what they call god. We have the ability to give thoughts life how is some part of you is not prancing about like a clown.

lord lucifer was/ is (literately) within me, egging on my ego, narcissistic habits, delusions of grander self doubt and crippling socol behavior. He made me think I had created a Familiar in a past life to protect me when it was just him in disguise. He played me like a puppet on strings from the very beginning. Had he been an ass hole he could have just killed me for it and gotten on about his eternity.

It was an ass kicking that I will not soon forget. I can still hear him (and the others) chuckling I my ear right now.

Anyway this is my payment to lord lucifer the to the other spirits.


That was really cool, thanks for sharing.

Are you sure you want to use words like “troll” and “asshole” for payment to Lucifer ?


@PrinceX he seems like a tsundere. He seems to love Lucifer.


I agree. Trickster or more accurately and astutely put, Teacher is appropriate.


i feel you truth88, Lucifer dont give a fuck


If he’s in that mood those words definitely fit. He’s something and I switch between deep affection and supreme irritation with him. Though at the end of the day it’s never him I’m truly upset with, it’s always myself and my allowing others to have power over me. Yet he sits ever patient, watching me struggle and hurt. Not to be cruel, but as any parent knows you have to pull back and let your children hurt, or they never grow.

Experience is a hard teacher, though he usually sets you up for a soft landing if you take his advice.


I think you are spot on with what you said he cant and will not play the game for you but he is glad to help. If my friend told me bro help me at all cost I HAVE TO BREAK FREE from the chains that bind I´d probably kill him or make his life a living hell. I´d section him off from his gods and force him into unconformability. He´d probably hate it but he asked me to train him.


@anon48532061 Yeah I think you’re right. I would choose different words myself but I can feel his passion about his experience. I’m sure Lucifer wouldn’t mind so all good :slight_smile:


lmao you really think THE LUCIFER would spend all this time controlling you NOT to harvest his rewards later? Seems like you need to get out of this shitty Lucifer contract! I mean to be quite honest this whole post is rather sad and pointless, I dont see how anyone could benefit from knowing they are being tricked by their favorite entity!

This doesnt sound like the real Lucifer to me sounds like and imposter with a good outfit. I suggest you kill them, if they come back you will know they are the real deal if they dont then you know you were actually mislead!


Lol good one :joy: I´d also use different words.

It´s like if my boss asked me to recruit new employers I would tell them the truth about how my boss make you work for a promotion and can be a little overbearing but I´d never tell others something so vile it´d make them not wanna work with him!

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Thank you sharing, I love Lucifer :heart:

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Absolutely true, I agree with you :+1:

It’s just I personally would never call Lucifer that no matter what. But I guess the intention is more important in this case, and he seems honest and proud of his experience. Was trying to give him a heads up in case he could come up with alternative expressions :slight_smile:


Thank you I thought I’m the only one lol

You know, I agree with him in general but Lucifer is still Lucifer. :grin: Words matter and he could get a lesson he didn’t need just for that ! Probably not but why take the risk, just sayin’


Actually i would say it might be him. I’ve worked with him for almost 4 years. One year was devoted solely to Lucifer. One thing he loves to do, is shatter an overactive ego. Lucifer destroys falsehood within oneself so they may remold themselves into their highest possible form for that time. Hence the name “Light Bearer” and “Morning Star”.

Lessons are not always meant to be friendly.


Yes exactly, thank you !


Man you guys are all getting cucked by this guy huh, I recommend you kill the fucker as well haha.

He is also known for telling lies and causing the downfall of 1/3 of the angels, starting a war at the expense of humans, and tricking us against the will of god.

But yeah if that´s the guy you trust lmao.

Im glad you left that doubt in there, i mean 1 year year of devotion my ass haha.

Nah im just playing with you!

But seriously you should probably kill the guy!

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People can become overly addicted to the agenda and teachings of an entity i find it rather pathetic, just take the power. @PrinceX @itsnathanm7 and the OP

Im just gonna leave this here for you guys haha


I’ll make a note on trickery, while I’m at it.

It’s actually impossible to teach without it. There are what i call soft lessons and harsh lessons. Both can be carried out in almost any manner. Have you ever noticed what happens whenever you tell someone something outright? They nod in agreement and then turn around to do the opposite of the advice you gave them and failed.

Now, if i sat here and told them “sure, see what happens.” They fail, sure. But the point, is wisdom. No one learns anything by coddling. Trickery is more than manipulating people you don’t like. Trickery yields experience to it’s victims. That experience makes room for growth. It teaches them to not be dumb about their choices and how they use their time.

Trickster and Teacher, to me, are almost interchangeable. Because you can’t really do one without the other.


Ooh. Sounds like the religion I got away from in all honesty. As for God, which one?

smiles and nods

Think I’ll pass bud.


I’m only addicted to red wine, steak, cigars and sex with hot chicks but thanks for the suggestion, I will consider this addiction :smile:

Good song :+1: