Lucifer questions

If you can anwser any of these id appricate it!

1.I heard Jesus and Lucifer are the same as In Consciousness helping beings.

  1. So I hear archons are a huge reason humanity is stuck from evolving therefor they are our adversary’s, so would Lucifer be one to help me with defeating them?

  2. To set a pact into play with Lucifer, any suggestions ?

Y’all are great thanks for your time. I wanna change this world and help people to grow and break from from indoctrination. All answers will be helpful thank you!


Some good perspectives in this thread: Question pertaining to Lucifer.

Also, basic evocation will help with pact-making:


Thank you lady Eva! Definatly been a big thing with myself this past year, “unplugging” the matrix around in search of the truth. Thanks :pray:

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According to Beelzebuth
Jesus aka Yeshua was the living incarnation of Lucifer
And was said to be one of the most powerful Sorcerers to ever have walked the earth.


I usually leave anything to do with Jesus well alone BUT this did happen, so sharing fwiw:

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That’s great information. As time goes on I see that we are connected in a Galatic war and aliens and spirits are here to help us escape from the mind control. I felt Jesus and Lucifer where the same but haven’t fully evocated to Lucifer , only Jesus. I must know myself and beliefs to be open to Lucifer and not have and second thoughts. Thanks !

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