Lucifer, phenomenon, Christian programming

This isn’t the first time I’ve invoked Lucifer and had sensations that he wanted to be in my body. It happened before, I didn’t like it.
I’m working through Rites of Lucifer and the last invocation, I’m doing them at a window sill, he felt strongly. I had a vision from the later edition to the movie series Exorcist which paints possession as something… well awful and dangerous. I realize this is some obstacle to my spiritual practice.

Also, I notice at some points, as anyone who uses magick will tell you, spirits will engage you during dreams and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. That’s happened, and I feel his energy at the window sill.

The other day, after some heavy THC use, my girlfriend left to run an errand. I was alone in the apartment and walked into the room. What I saw was the faint shape of a spirits body standing at the window sill. I had hair raise on the back of my neck.

Another phenomenon is that I get pains and sensations in my legs during rituals with Goetic demons which is intrinsic to my Aquarian sign.

These phenomenon are hard to jump into with confidence and reverence, due to our social programming.

Any advice?


I relate, my biggest problem in this field of study is that we humans cannot see spirits and don’t know them personally, Got abused by spirits before so I am learning to nearly cancel all kinds of spirits that could be wrongly invited inside me. For me, until I know exactly who I am dealing with, I just don’t invoke or evoke spirits. Humans get abused very fast. Something I blame on the matrix itself.

I’d be careful with the THC use and black magick that combination was rather…well it was not a good time.

I’ve gone mad, insane, schizophrenic, and been fully possessed before…it all started with a simple curiosity towards black magick and demonic work.

Just be careful…

Even now when I smoke a lot of weed I can enter into bad trips and I need to listen to some gospel music or hip-hop to get me out of the bad place.

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This isn’t unusual. It attracts them a you are all mellow and not so judgemental, and your perception is heightened, so parasite see an opportunity. Banish and cleanse always if doing THC.

I don’t advice using drugs and magick together unless you’re already very experienced with magick without drugs, it’s a crutch on one hand, preventing you from learning how to get in trance on your own, and causes problems from being too open.

If you insist on do it, you will keep getting useless shit like this. It wasn’t Lucifer, I’m put good money on it.

No idea, I’m Aquarian I never get pains with Aquarian related entities. Maybe make sure your connection to Earth (through your feet) is open nd that your energy can flow.

Or your intuition is telling you it’s not something worth revering. Trust your gut reactions.

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Don’t be afraid of that thing, its just trying to intimidate you since you are in a vulnerable state of mind.

I also smoke and do magic all the time & I’ve never had any real problems, although I might get caught slippin from time to time by sexual entity’s lol, but honestly, You need to be good at understanding how parasites work first… and thenn you smoke.

Diagnosing issues and building that muscle memory is Key bro

Whether it be by process of elimination, or medititating on what you need to do It could be so many things.

It could be a blockage that is an implanted thought, or a physical urge of fear that has been turned into a habit.

How is your weight? Is your room clean?

Spend some time in the shower and form a plan. The shower is a great source for electrical earth grounding, you will always be safe in the shower.

As long as your Prepared & Responsible then you won’t really have any problems. Smoking is fun, but sometimes yo

Also: check out Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce. It’s a great book.

Smoking should be an occasion kind of thing. but hey… Relaxation is important haha You should try taking 1 good hit or 2 and relax. Try to see how you feel, self control is needed.

I’m personally about to quit everything real soon, but you never know, might come back to like 5 years later, but probably not honestly.

If you wanna do it the fast way then you can probably do Banishing rituals by calling upon an entity. but it’s risky you would have to take into consideration your current state of mind and how it can effect a banishment ritual or an evocation.

Or some candle magick, like using a black candle and water & incense. Fumigate.

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Thank you. I am a practitioner of tantra and daily repeat purification & protective mantras of Maha Kali. And am a meditator. So I should be okay. Maybe I need to do some “heavy cleaning” though.

I have had nasty, terrifying LSD & THC induced demonic experiences for a long time. It just seems to come with the territory.

It’s comforting to know other people have experienced this.