Lucifer on TV

Is Lucifer rightly represented by the “Lucifer Morningstar” character on the Fox Network “Lucifer” television (tell-lies-vision) show?

IMHO, it’s not a bad show. Could be better.

I’m just curious about the opinions of others in the forum. Not an ad for Fox TV.

See, I didn’t even insert a link to the show. Talk to Mr. Google.


Its a good show…and its really how Lucifer fits into our world…
It all boils down to whether you think of Lucifer in that light…
Funny…Charismatic…Charming…Helping people…Punishing those who have made people suffer…and a hell of a wing man…

Since its important to let go of Christian viewpoints held about Lucifer…I think its a show that can help new and perhaps a little nervous magicians like me…


In my opinion it’s fucking awesome, the character is neither evil or good he’s neutral, just like the real deal himself.

Plus the actor is Welsh and so am I, so gotta love that, plus the British accent shows a little of the real lucifers charm.

The angelic wings and the devil face shows both his masculine and feminine and light and dark qualitys.

So I believe it’s great.


I do really like the show. It very very VERY loosely based on the comic by Neil Gaiman which is one of my favorite comics EVER.In the comic Lucifer and Michael were the first angels and created by a being known as “The presense”. They were tasked with creating our universe together. Michael being the creative force and Lucifer the director of the energy.

Eventually Lucifer fell yada yada and became the ruler of Hell and then just got plain bored. He left hell and set himself up as a night club owner that ocassionally plays the piano for his patrons. Lucifer desires to be seen by accepted by his “father” the presense as an equal. Lucifer goes on to actually create his own universe and realises its not easy being god.

The problem is Lucifer is selfish prick in the comic who only cares about himself.So when the story went into the tv development stage things had to change. Lucifer became the youngest of all the angels almost like a rebellious teen. He actually means well most of the time but doesnt consider other peoples emotions. The show became a supernatural crime procedural because thats what audiences apparently like.

If anything I think its a good thing because people like the character of Lucifer and gets people having occult related conversations. I secretly smile to myself when I am watching with my husband and he randomly shouts stuff like “God is a dick Lucifer would make a better god” LOL


Lucifer on the TV has a lot more problems than the real Lucifer.

The main idea of the show is Lucifer’s feelings, his fall, his weakness, his acceptance of himself, and so on and so on.

This is what makes the show.

And that is what differentiates him from the real Lucifer, who doesn’t have this.

Other differences - the real Lucifer, to me, feels much more compassionate. He also feels less sexual than the TV show Lucifer, and more royal in a way.

I enjoy the show, but Lucifer is Lucifer man. :grin:

No comparison. :grin:


LOL :laughing:


In all honesty, if you kick back and relax, and just enjoy a feel good show, it is prettt good. A little mindless but it means well. I would have loved to see a true rendition of the comics portrayed first, but the interest will start slow and build until someone is inspired.

I enjoy the show as well, and funny enough, I’ve seen him like this in my mind’s eye when communicating with him.

He has all the charm and bravado of the show with none of the hang-ups.

P.S. detective douche :stuck_out_tongue: (for those who watch the show)


Indeed Detective… @MysticNick

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I love the irony he comes from a family of pastors … as do I…
I got legal religious credentials through the Universal Light Church.

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