Lucifer made his vessel disappear before my eyes

Not so long ago I made a vessel for lucifer, today I used it and I housed lucifer In the vessel.

Above is the vessel upon my altar, actually when I took this picture lucifer got pissed that I didn’t ask him first.

How I know this is because my phone was at 39% battery life.

Then bang my phone died, 39% battery drained in a second.

But before all of this I was in communion with lucifers about why did I dream about Sorath the sun demon.

Now lucifer is a aspect one of the sun and a lot of solar entities, he gave me a prophecy that all the solar beings, are giving me a revelation.

So he told me about The solar beings want me to write a book, so I can’t wait to get started on it.

So then lucifer tells me how powerful the sun is, he shows me the actual power of the sun physical vibrating and shining its light though the sigil on the vessel.

Then heat begins to emanate towards me, the light then grows and grows and all of a sudden I scry into the light.

Then bang :boom: the fucking vessel was gone, before my eyes, then lucifer laughs and says " this is the power of the sun ", and bang it comes back.

I’m telling you this wasn’t the light or a hallucination, it was extremely physical.

He then said to me," become the sun all suns and become our prophet, and spread this knowledge and power ".

I sat back with my jaw on the floor :joy:, crazy man I had to share this what are your thoughts ?.


Really glad that you had such an experience with Him. Tell him I said hello… :heart_eyes_cat:
And good luck on your book :sunny:


Thanks zeela and I will aha.


awesome experience, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
also glad other people have the cell phone battery issue. I use mine for some of the more lengthy incantations and the thing will always get drained :laughing:


I have to keep mine plugged in if i expect to use in for anything in my temple. Thing gets drained hard core and regularly flips its shit in my temple.


Do you have an iphone?


Yeah I do, why ?


My thoughts are this is a clear sign from Lucifer… But also some Iphones do have battery issues.


This is true, yeah strange tho never had that experience before with my phone.


hahah he’s like don’t take another picture! Oh how did the demonic king ritual go


Aha and that ritual was amazing that’s all I can say aha.


Ahh! :frowning:

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I have an lg android so i dunno if that is the issue.

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Wicked! Thanks for sharing! I adore posts that mention the sun.

Sounds like a wonderful experience. This is the first time I have seen someone share an image of a vessel as well.

Great stuff!

Trust yourself.


When I first met Lucifer told me he wanted me to write a book. I don’t know what about though.

I’ll be sure to ask him for permission on things.


crazy experience! thanks for sharing


@C.Kendall So I’m not the only one whom has my mobile and/or iPad going totally flat after some very surreal type of experiences myself.

Lucifer in particular loves doing this doesn’t he!:joy:Lol

Sounds like your experiencing some very interesting spiritual phenomena IMHO.

I’ve written about Lucifer in an earlier post regarding experiencing him in a much more human, shall I say mutually enjoyable manner.

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I had something simial happen to me my phone was on 30% or so maybe higher and this was all before I started getting in2 magic.

at the time alot of strange ahit was happening with spirits around me and i was trying to catch something on camera with my phone since I was able to a week earlier.

so I go to turn my camera on and it just dies and won’t turn on. I plug it in and it says 0% and still wouldn’t turn on even plugged in which never happens. not until after everything passed was i able to turn my phone on again. very weird

Has he ever manifested to you as like a horned berserker warrior?? Alll shadows though…just curious.