Lucifer, lucifuge and king paimon

Ok so theres a guy on here named E.A koetting who ive watched alot on youtube but he said lucifuge is lucifers twin brother os this correct i never knew lucifer had a brother and why do people say lucifer and satan im guessing they are 2 different people and can king paimon introduce me to them.?

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You mean the site’s co-founder? :wink:

There are many different opinions on whether Lucifer and Satan are the same being, the most recent thread discussing this is here:

King Paimon could almost certainly do that.


Yea hes amazing i kinda want to be him to be honest


I was raised in a Christian (Lutheran) family, and now I start to see through “smoke screen” and lies, long story short. But I’ve always thought Lucifer was/is evil. Since I want to do good, I refused a connection once from a spirit who claimed itself as Lucifer. What I didn’t understand that back then that my point of view came from a religious background probably. i doubt if there are any spirits who have courage to pretend to be Lucifer? I know I need to find out more since the church has labeled things as “evil” because church desires power and wealth.I’m sure there are lot of topics about him here too eh? :slight_smile: