Lucifer/Kristus/Light Bearer/ Prometheus/Venus/MorningStar

Lucifer/Kristus/Morning Star/Venus the Light Bearer is Prometheus who brought Fire/ Light to Human is Jesus Christ ……is NOT SATAN/RED DRAGON/DEVIL !

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“Quomodo cecidisti de caelo glorifico fili aurorae. “ Fiat luxifer et facta est luxifer.”

Well. Based on the link I can’t see any reason to believe this over any other group? What do you know about the organization and how they originated and what’s their agenda with this information?

How were they formed, what is their mission and their purpose, where did their information come from etc etc.

Are they a sole organization or a part of a greater organization?

A person would be foolish to discern this as truth simply because it’s linked to an organization that claims it.

Why do they claim it? What do they accomplish by claiming it, what do they have/use to back up their claims, etc…

Marnes can help with discernment, highly recommended in all cases of discerning which things are bullshit and which things to chase down the rabbit hole.

You list a bunch of names, but if I summon by those names I get what feels like completely different entities in most cases, so what makes YOU think this something you should put stock in this, what sold you on the concept?

What background and research have you done that support this claim? What have you found that debunks it? How did you reconcile the two?


Please do not link external service providers. You can say the name “Glorian” and people can look it up if they wish. However these people would not be allowed to post here to promote or defend themselves, so we do not allow promotions or reviews of external products.

BALG as a business cannot be responsible for vetting or endorsing external sellers, or protecting people from possible scammers.

What I suggest you do OP, is post, in your own words your theory (which you seem to have done) and where you got it from (this “Glorian” thing) and then maybe back up WHY you/they think this.

This is a discussion forum after all, it’s not a place to advertise, but you can open a discussion about the theories being proposed.

I’m interested in your responses to @anon97554939’s questions for sure. :slight_smile:

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