Lucifer just made vomit

Performed physical evocation of lucifer, he said to me

" Now take our power but first expel the weakness "

i responded

" What weakness and how ? ".

All of a sudden i became so dizzy that, i fell down on my knees, and vomited

in the vomit i could see a negative face.

When i inhaled lucifer entered me the rest is extremely personal.

But it’s crazy how he told me release your weakness and then i vomited, symbolic or an actual alchemical cleansing who knows just wanted to share this.


Conner Kendall.


Gotta be careful bro once my expellation of weakness was blood of my kidney being pissed out. That hurt!


Last Thursday I asked his help with something and I’ll just say outright that when he heals me it always involves sex . So he begins and suddenly he bites my neck and tells me to " bleed it out." Then it’s some sort of desert and there’s beetles or locusts crawling on me eating the blood - so many that I’m covered. He lifts me up and takes me back to his temple where I straddle him and now bite HIS neck. He didn’t bleed though- it was like golden light and tasted of honey. I won t share the rest as it gets a little weird but he definitely has strange methods!


haha i bet he did sounds like him


Well, Lucifer’s energy is pretty crazy. I can barely breath with it and I can hardly hear or something like that. I liked though that I feel that much energy within me


I’m used to his energy and vibration but he went beyond what he normally does.


It’s curious because on the two occasions that I’ve been exorcised, I vomited both times then too. I saw it as a physical cleansing that acted as a sign that I had undergone a spiritual cleansing.


He and his ways with Akasha are always hilarious. And it gets me horny baby yeah! ;B

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that reminds me of a person I met who was for a spiritual cleansing in the Yoruba religion, he told me that they told him that they had done a witchcraft job with a sea spirit, after cleaning he vomited a aguaviva … A very hardcore shit


Yeah, this is pretty common, especially in South American ayahuasca ceremonies where it’s known as La Purga. Sometimes this means purging on both ends, too. :joy: Although the ingested mixture does contain naturally emetic alkaloids, there’s a heavy psychological component as well… in fact I’d go so far as to say that the physiological sensation of wanting to vomit can help expedite the whole process of spiritual cleansing/expelling of unwanted negative energies.


Awesome. Don’t anything energetic or spiritual has a physical side too? So it doesn’t totally shock me that you vomited (physically).

Lucifer sounds sooo intense. Giving me chills just by reading.


Hmm interesting

That’s quite intense, brother. Don’t stop progressing, of course, but do watch out for your health.

I worked once whit Lucifer, for me personally he was very annoying. Like a kid…kind to think about it, that was another reason why I didnt want to work in a university as a history teacher…I dont have patience.

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Maybe he was doing it to annoy u

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