Lucifer is not what we think! We been fooled

hi all, i know you are so shocked by the title. Well i am not gonna type a long ass thread here to explain what i want to say or achieve with this. With that being said, i stumbled on a book “Lucifer and the hidden demons” it talks about how we were mislead by other magicians and the practice we do, gets us harmed more than benefited. Reading the book so far (i’m on page 32) made me so uncomfortable that i had to stop and create this thread to open a discussion on the mentioned point and this: in one of the parts it states that the sigil we use to contact lucifer been faked and whoever we (people who live in the U.S) been summoning is most likely an impostor or might a some times be an essence of lucifer but not really lucifer. and it shows different sigil of him or lets say his SEAL. However it also states that the sigil we use (Screenshot by Lightshot) is true and accurate to use if we were living in Asia. Reading this made me so uncomfortable and angry. Do you agree on this? also from what i read so far he states that we can practice magic without in ceremonial rituals and/or tools (altar, candles, oils, … etc). do you think this type of magic will work and is effective? if yes, then do you agree that the ceremonial magic harms us more than benefits us? also, if you said no? after reading this book (assuming you did) do you think ceremonial magic is fake? i am questioning everything i learnt and read on magic so far.

please if u haven’t read the book, DON’T RUSH A RESPONSE, i advise you to read it first. However, if u are familiar with his argument please feel free to engage. Lastly, i had to make a strong title or a bait taste to it, because i want everyone to know about this and to engage with it, so apologies.


I remember reading that before, can you describe why the book says that’s the case?

Just curious. :+1:


This is kinda weird that it’s popped up twice now in the forum. Downloaded a sample to read from amazon and decide if o want to purchase.

Here’s another thread as well:


Hmm very interesting you mention this book, I discovered it last night but my intuition guided me away from buying it. I will read it sometime in the future.

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I didn’t read this but let me ask you, does this book teaches a way of summoning him that actually works? If so, well, there’s thousands of books out there who says “those methods don’t work, you’ve been deceived, here use my methods, they works”. Ya know, is just each person selling their own books and materials. Is hard tell which is true and which is not.
However I find hard believe that all those people that work with his sigil is been deceived, some people have really amazing results hard to an impostor get. But who knows…
I do agree that we don’t actually need tools to summoning. I’ve been doing my summonings in the astral plane, with no candle or sigil and I had felt incredible energies while talking to the entities that I summon, far stronger than when I used to use sigils. So maybe there’s a fair point in the book. But we must be careful to not rush in believing in every book and every truth sold out there. Just my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


I own the book. I cannot say I agree with the company. The idea of magic being used without tools, altars, preparation, or meditation, and still creating success for a beginner just seems ludachris. They seem to employ some pseudo ceremonial magick with barely any back ground and no training. Keep the books for exercise. But don’t take them seriously. That’s my opinion.


I agree with you, and i saw few people saying his methods worked. in my case i haven’t gotten that far to decide. Also, to me i believe yes if you develop the right mind set and skills you can summon without tools. however i also believe tools such as candles provide more energy to the summoning that might help lesser the impact on your on energy. and you could take it as way to show effort and appreciation to the demon because the tone the author speaks on he mentions that demon are existing there to help and the would want to effect the results in the world. in other-words they are trying to find purpose and we are give them that. however the way he mentions it, made me feel like they are just servants to him and that made me so angry of his ignorance. I will still read the book fully and might take his way and modify it to my own practice and the way i believe shows more respect to the demon or entity.

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well he mentions something about other magicians trying to suppress other magicians from getting the real power. here is a page of the book:

i am not sure if this is the page, because he demonstrates his idea through 4-6 pages, but this had mostly the information about his point. i hope it helps u understand better


More tools (especially for a beginner or lazy ass like me) = more things to potentially get wrong = more potential points of failure.

Few tools + absolute lack of awarness of “need” for tools = success, because you’re not sabotaging your own creative imagination.


i know right, i think this book is gonna make a lot of money because he is attacking the main principle that a lot of magicians follow. i advise u to read it and give us ur thoughts its just 7.99 in kindle.

its worth it let me tell u, but it will piss you off trust me

Cheers, do you have the bit where he mentions Asia? it’s that I’m specifically interested in. :+1:

Sorry to be cheeky. :smiley:


it seems like u finished the book, so let me finish it and i will be back to ur response. Thanks for killing it on me :slight_smile:

i am too lazy to re-read it so … here is some pages.

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By definition, the essence IS the thing. No matter if we’re talking about the pigginess of the pig or the Luciferiness of Lucifer.


i love your comment and thats why i am planning to finish it. i will take what i like and modify it to help me create my own tradition and way. but the question is when we use the known sigil of lucifer is he lucifer himself? or should we start using his seal instead of sigil to make sure?

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okay, here is this: if you were to get a chocolate (and hope its real!):

Do you want to lick it or eat it >?

do u get my catch?

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I really don’t get your point, man. I mean, if the sigil is a path to achieve contact, then what? Maybe it is harder to stablish contact, or maybe the “signal” isn’t that strong, but you would be reaching the same entity, right?

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from what he is saying, that might cause u to end up contacting an impostor. and if you end up contacting lucifer, you will never get to experience he true energy fully.

@DarkestKnight we would appreciate your opinion on this. I trust your experience with no disrespect to others of course.