Lucifer in my meditation?

Hey everyone so today I was meditating I’ve been slacking so I was putting a lot into it and well I think I meditate for maybe 30ish mins anyway I was pretty deep in there and well I saw a cross than I heard a voice say Lucifer did you do that than my head start shaking yes like actually moving back and forth and the number 33 and 55 popped up in my minds eye … my thing is idk how Lucifer got into me or what not and idk what voice that was either who asked him that… so to conclude all of this has anyone experienced something of this nature with voices and body moments besides your own will during meditation?

Yes, banish and cleanse, tricksters and parasites are usually to blame for shenanigans.

Protect your energy better and look to your spiritual hygiene… nothing should have the access to mess with you like this without your express permission.

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Okay thanks that’s kinda embarrassing I thought it was actually Lucifer

I’m not sure we know one way of the other, but to rule out impostors, it’s good practice to banish and cleanse first and be very clear and specific about calling exactly who you want, when you want. Ask them to show you a sigil or some other proof that it’s them.
Lesser entities don’t follow the rules but are weak enough that you can override them. Higher beings like Lucifer keep to the rules so we can build trust.


Okay so I just realized I’ve been saying magickal hymns to Belial Lucifer and Hecate makes perfect sense now :rofl:

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