Lucifer experience...thoughts?

So long story short I felt a strong desire to forge a relationship with Lucifer. I have had ZERO experience contacting entities. Not wanting to screw up royally I said a simple prayer to Lucifer expressing my interest in knowing Him and desiring friendship. Now I did ask him to show me kindness in two areas and I told him even if he didn’t help me, I still desired the relationship and I did. A few days later I was sleeping, or rather in the in between. I was awake and aware if everything around me yet I wasn’t “here.” Behind my eyelids I would see parts of a male face and then there were these res and blue dots that got closer and the dots were actually perfectly placed and created lines that ran across each other. Then the red dots sort of melted togetjer to form Lucifers sigil and there was an orange sunset behind it. My entire body felt like it was smiling and it was orgasmic. Like if every nerve in your body and spirit could orgasm, that’s what it felt like. And I felt something inside me, bit not having sex with me. I communicated I needed his help and he agreed to do so, bit it was telepathically and not with words. The best part is, he DID do the things I asked and one of them was damn near impossible!
Has anyone else experienced something similar? It was literally the greatest experience I’ve ever had but i didn’t expect it to happen that way.


He reached out to me too, I hadn’t even set out to work with him. But I have had experiences like your describing when spirits start getting intimate. I think it is something to do with my chakras, especially the sacral and heart chakras.


Very similar to my first experience with Baphomet actually. I was still exploring LaVeyan Satanism at the time (before I even knew about the other occult stuff) and I invented a ritual that was literally just asking for more love to come to my life and throwing dried rose petals in the air in front of the Baphomet statue. It was almost a sexual experience before the ritual closed.


Lucifer has always spoken to me telepathically. He has told me I wouldn’t experience the sexual feeling i have with other spirits because I see him as a father figure. Instead its a very warm feeling of love


I see him as a protector and a leader and since this experience I’m more drawn to him sexually. He gave me more in a few moments than any man had my whole life. So yeah, I dig it :slight_smile:


Hmm… Simplecity can prove to be quite successful🤔

Congratulations on your first contact with Lucifer. I’m glad to hear you have good results!:ok_hand:


@AradiaX I just wrote an overly long reply about Lucifer. If you read it before it’s deleted? I hope that it helps you.
I just decided that I’d written a bit too much perhaps?

Anyway my point is that I’ve experienced Lucifer sexually a number of times. He was so knowledgeable, caring, loving and blissful. Multiply all over, body type kundalini awakening,“awesome” too. As well as being such an ancient being is incredible and mindblowing too.

He came to me after I’d been studying everything about him from the typical Abrahamic beliefs to the LHP more Michael W. Ford type works also. As well as evil adversary from eastern doctrines point of view.

He first came to me at a time that I really needed him but didn’t realise it until after I had experienced him in such a personal way. True gnosis with him is true understanding.

Guess I just deleted my long post because most people can’t even begin to comprehend what we have shared or even how or why? I’m sure that those of you here thus far already right.

There is so much more…

Well I hope this helps you or others here in some way? It’s good to know that I’m not alone with these awesome experiences with Lucifer (Archangel Lucifer of the Morning Star).


That’s also an amazing experience! I haven’t yet seen him but I get pieces here and there. I do imagine him as absolutely breathtaking and with wings also. I find myself trying to have another experience like this but so far no luck:(



Thanks for your reply. I haven’t seen or felt him, lol, for a few months now so he’s due a visit very soon hopefully?

When I see him If you want me to Im seriously going to ask him “Hey how about my magickal Friend AradiaX”? I’m sure that he will know whom I mean? When I say ask? All our conversations are always telepathic I believe because he’s so highly evolved compared to us.

I’m sure that he will see you again? Because I kind of get the feeling that he only visits humans both men and women that he believes are worth spending time with. I don’t know how I get to be this lucky? But sometimes in life we just are and it’s sometimes better not to question it too much when something this awesome happens to you.

I so wish that I could tell my girlfriends about my secret lover? But I can’t obviously & don’t think my husband would like it either. Maybe that’s why he came to both of us because he felt wanted, validated and appreciated with trust.

Anyways I hope that you get to see, hear and feel Lucifer asap ok!

Dark Blessings,


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I know exactly what you mean! I think of him romantically and am utterly elated but can’t share it or others will think I’m absolutely crazy. I keep trying to get that feeling again and I ask him to come to me daily, he probably gets tired of me lol. But I do know that he evaluates us to see if we are sincere in our desire for him to come into our lives so he must think well of us.
Keep in touch my friend XX
Dark Blessings

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I always heard him telepathically or visions in dreams.I evoked him for the first time last weekend. I wrote him something and how I felt about him and read it out loud. I just sat quietly and and lit some incense. He likes Sandalwood but all I had was black cherry.

The insense flame lit but quickly went out and the insense itself began to burn super fast like a movie on fast foreward. Way too much smoke filled the room and then blasted me in the face. Then I felt his presence strongly in the room.

So maybe try this and see if it works.


That is truly awesome. I am a bit jealous of course of your experiences, but well you know, good for you! (and I really do mean that!) Call me crazy (or weird even) but I am curious about your encounters and what they have meant for you, if you ever feel the urge to share again :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll return to my books now…

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I had an encounter some time ago with Lucifer. I made a request in my dream to see True Evil, and Lucifer himself showed up and obliged my request, and brought me to it.

Scared shitless by the vast evil presence it I woke up. Funny thing though is that he looked like Tom Ellis. I suppose he does take on the appearance found most pleasing.

pls help me …I have 2 candles,Lord lucifer’s sigil,coal and i don’t have incense…Can he come inside my mind when i call him??..Can he come just by lighting candles,burning coals and repeating his name??Pls if somebody familiar to lucifer pls send me his energy and sign of presence when i am alone so that i can evoke him when nobody is in my room and talk with him…My life is being horrible these days its not in good shape…pls somebody make a connection between me and lord lucifer…My english is not good…Thank you guys…

Welcome to the forum @Aaron47_lucifer. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


I have his sigil hanging over my altar I woke up one night to see it glowing green and the next day I found unexpected money.

He also helped me get the house I have now.


@Eye_of_Ra that’s awesome! He is so generous and always working to give the best things! :heart:


I wear his sigil with black tourmaline almost everyday…I feel his tingling warm presence within me on a daily basis. Feel very connected & attracted to him & orgasims are beyond words.
Never had any intentions on connecting with him or being within my life…just started drawing his sigil, giving him offerings/gifts. Thanking him everyday for his teachings, comfort, etc. But…He’s very empathetic but very stern blunt, & doesn’t bullshit around. He’s seen both aspects of life. So if you tell him you will follow his advise when he helps you Do it to the best of your ability. Love him & grateful he’s with my life today.

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