Lucifer Evocation for the millionth time

Evoked Lucifer again using Mike_Bee's Evocation Guide instead of the DoM method, honestly works a lot better for me. I will say as many times as I’ve done this I still get shocked and giddy seeing the lines of the seal flash and move. At one point it completely disappeared and the only thing I could see was my blood in the middle. Then very faintly I saw the Qliphothic tree. It also started glowing purple and the top right and yellow at the bottom left, and then the entire seal turned gold and started sinking into the table. I sensed his presence behind me immediately, very comforting but I got full-body chills. He answered most of my questions, at one point I heard him say “Why do you perform this so late?” and kept chuckling every time I yawned. He helped me task my servitors because I was a little stuck on the wording, and he pointed out a mistake I had made in one of the servitor’s programming.
Now, the Rite of Nahemoth and Lucifer’s enn before I go to bed. I was planning on summoning my servitors and tasking them but I am insanely tired and have been recovering from lord knows what on and off for 3 months. Now realizing I could’ve easily tasked my healing servitor to…heal me…sometimes you just get so caught up in your goals and what you wanna achieve with magick and forget they can help with mundane little things too.