Lucifer ask me to kill a person

Try Luna out and let us know how you make out. She’s been doing quite well with getting rid of things. Some of us are working on a few more solutions for the newbies as well, but we need to test them first :slight_smile:

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I need to do some special things before ritual?

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Don’t even need a ritual. If you read through the thread the instructions are pretty simple :slight_smile: Use the sketch like a sigil or with her sigil and call her name in your mind.


I don’t work with Lucifer, but I do want to tell you that you should stay very far away from any entity who tells you to kill a person with your own hands.


I was evoking Lucifer and i feel a different thing. A protective energy. Again, i know this is not Lucifer. I was reading about another parasite eho play a Lucifer role. But it was some time ago.


I would recommend @Keteriya’s Luna as well as this:


I will use this seal in our room.

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There’s no way, ime, that this was Lucifer. I recommend trying the Luna servitor to resolve the problem for you before and after each ritual.


I’ve been recommended to kill someone but only via Magick and after saying no, I realized why I was told to do it.

In your case it’s a parasite. A deity can recommend you do these things but will not force you too. And there’ll never tell you to physically harm anybody. It was one of my instructions from them.

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Sounds like Lucifer to me, Fire them! Maybe contact Azazel or Buer.

Is your roommate telling you stuff like that often?

Because when I was around someone like that who kept “channeling” horrible messages, I had to leave to leave. It is only going to worse it isn’t going to better and it is toxic environment.


Mate. Seriously. She seems like an idiot, just toss her out. This foolishness will only keep you small and weak.

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We live together from may this year and all this time it was let’s say ok. Many times she attacked me verbally but not so much. I know she is not like that. I saved her from suicide attempt and we became more closer from that moment. We are not sexual involved or romantic. We have a lot of good moment’s.
She doesn’t channel many times. Maybe 3 times in this period.

I don’t understand why I received this message. Why he must die (a ex supervisor from one of my jobs)
At the end of the message i get that line: I need destruction…

Well sometimes she is more that this. Something from my self tell me to let hher go but another thing tell me to do something to “save her”

Why them?

They are politicians. They can probably get the results without breaking laws.

You could try the Luna Servitor but if parasites are so common, how do you know a parasite won’t show up instead of Lucifer? You guys ever think of that?

@Morpheus34 Did you agree to kill this person? If not you have no obligation to. If you did not agree try telling him that was not part of the deal. Or am I totally misunderstanding what is going on here?

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Well. As I said before i don’t believe is Lucifer himself. What is the point to send someone to tell me that wen he can do that without any problems. Last night i was have a small chat with that parasite and i see some interest in him. And I’m refuse to kill that person. I’m good woth this things but who deserves that.