Lucifer and Yaweh are Equals

Taoism has a concept called depolarization. If you’re familiar with hermetic philosophy, you will have heard of it.You generally want to avoid extremes in life and find a healthy balance. Applying that directly to emotions, it means you view things from the perspective of someone who’s detached and objective. All humans have bias, and you can’t get rid of it completely, but you can come close.

When black magicians or occultists in general talk about the Abrahamic god they usually have what are, to me personally, really silly ideas. That he’s an egregor or thought form as opposed to a regular deity. That the Abrahamic faiths exist solely to control the massives. Or that Yahweh himself wants to oppose your ascent or get in your way somehow.

In regards to that third statement, I fail to see how that logically follows. Why would you assume this guy wants a monopoly on spirituality? If we’re talking old testament, there’s the first 2 commandments and the tribal dick waving contests. But in context, that was part of a hereditary blood pact that started with Abraham. If we take this as credible, Yahweh would exclusively fuck with heretical Jews. The rules apply to the rest of the world if you believe Jesus and Mohammad. But why would you? As far as Jesus goes, we’re not entirely sure on his take on the matter. And the Biblical Canon was decided by the Roman Empire, who would have had their own personal agenda.

If it seems like Yaweh or his messengers are impeding you, what does that mean? Mostly likely, it’s a psychological battle. You’re overcoming the social programming and fear of the dictator that only exists in the narrative of modern Christian believers. Yahweh/Jehova, whoever he is, has passed through a lot of subjective filters before you interacted with him. What makes this worse is, those of us who work with demons have essentially moved from one extreme to the other. We stopped being slaves to Christianity, and have begun actively opposing them. But what happens when you view with indifference and mildly curiosity?

That’s been the position of Lucifer and Azazel whenever I question them. To paraphrase our conversations:

“The Talmud is one of the few cases where occult knowledge was interwoven into both historical events and the legal system of a society. The Elohim is indifferent to how ascent is achieved so long as it gets done, so they’ve let their followers take the foundation and run with it. What you see today is the consequence of his will. The beings you know as the infernal are now, and always have, armed the opposition as a consequence of our own will. There is no malice or rivalry in the way you humans understand it. It is merely the act of balance”


Yaweh and YHVH are not the same. One is an spirit the other is kabbalistic formula or word of power that while having its own sort of consciousness is not actually an independent being but more a tool and representation of universal forces. I just feel the distinction is an important one to keep in mind especially depending what fields of magick you might find yourself in later on in life.


Ugh. Fixed the title. That was a rookie mistake. I was tired of autocorrect trying to change it to"lucifer and Yahoo are equal" so I said Fuck it and put the formula


Aurltocorrect. The definition of pure fucking evil.


This is the second reason I decided to veer off into different paths outside of demons and the western LHP. I still heavily identify with the values of the LHP but I no longer identify or wish to identify with the Judaeo-Christian mindset, even if it is working with demons. I personally see no problem if people work with demons but the JCI mindset poisons the mind. The conditioning is inherent in the books that they enshrine.


I don’t view it as Lucifer or Yahweh anymore but rather darkness and light both are needed in the balance of all living things

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Just like Jesus is a personification of love

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You ever read The Apocalypse according to St. John the Divine aka Revelation? Jesus as psychopath! John of Patmos (that narrows it down) was paranoid, not about anything in particular, just full on paranoid. There’s blood, boils, sores and pus.

“And I’ll kill any cunt who disagrees with me and I’ll kill you and your family for the love of god and his only begotten son I fucking will! Because Jesus wants me for a sunbeam…”



No. They are not.

Just :triumph::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


This is not a fucking church. Stop fucking comparing a god to a thoughtform. ffs already.

Lies, stacked on lies, coated with lies.


Well that’s the thing. There’s no reason for you to conclud it’s just a thought form. And if a mere thoughtform is able to be so dominant in western in push these other entities to the outskirts, that makes them look bad.

This is what I mean when I say you need to be depolarized. You need to sit with an idea and think through the implications before you write it off.


I think what most people are missing and failing to understand is the evolutionary process for spirits, gods, etc and their relation to servitors and thoughtforms. At the end all the demons and angels with few notable exceptions are thoughtforms in a sense. Personified living embodiments of certain powers, concepts, or forces given life of their own through perception and the energetic confluence similar to the biological processes of life and evolution. These are also not fully realized beings. They do not yet have full potential like humans or similar species and they are not immortals either for the most part. Beyond some exceptions the only thing separating intentionally created servitors from these beings is scales of power and complexity but a being born of spontaneous worship of s concept or such is fully viable. Take a look at Warhammer 40k lore of the chaos gods and their origins. I know for a fact those beings are fully viable despite existing in a ‘fictional’ universe or dimension. I suppose it is more an animus?? View. I am not quite certain the word off hand.


Are you using animus to mean “spiteful” or the Jungian psychology definition?

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It’s animism I am thinking of, had the wrong word for the concept, but animist view applied to thoughts and concepts especially those with mass belief for very long periods of time and definitely when assigned unique names in those cases. Further many here also claim Yaweh was an old tribal desert god of war or such concept which is kind of antithetical to him being just a thoughtform as well.


I’d imagine the idea is Israel hijacked a Canaanite god(El?) and started worshiping that, and the worship of that idea created the thoughtform. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t the original god just shape it’s nature to fit the preconceptions of the new followers or set them straight personally? Adoration is adoration no matter who’s giving it.


Pretty much or even if he wasn’t an original god but created as a thoughtform after all these years and this much worship and solid concepts and energy given to him he would have reached critical mass and evolved a long time ago. Though I’m sure there is a simple way to solve this. Someone that has the time on their hands and no overly biased point of view and good anounts of experience should evoke him and see what happens.

Hell maybe I will do it after some work with the Roman gods. Everyone treats him like some big boogey man but I wonder how much is truly justified and how much is just because crazy followers do stupid shit. It’s like in politics. Political leader x is pretty decent person doing his best to do his job but x amount of lunatics that believe in some extreme view of his ideology do psycho shit and all of a sudden leader x is an evil bastard that wants to kill puppies or something.

Only way to really be sure in some things is personal experience.

You’re thinking on my level now. For me, step one of this was walking into a church, having people pray for me, and seeing if I could snatch the energy and boost spells with it. You would think surely their god would stop me seeing as how I’m invading his territory.

But nope. Lets me off scott free. It feeds into the bigger idea that all any god wants is for people to ascend.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to evoke him or Jesus though. What exactly am I supposed to be drawing on?

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Well… see with Jesus I don’t see him actually being connected with this god but more in my belief he was a magician, a very powerful one, and being a magical celebrity that preached certain things his words and teachings were misappropriated for propaganda purposes and lost a lot of original meaning. That is my personal view and understanding there. As for evocation of Yaweh that really depends on what style and path of magick you work with and the techniques you use. Be easier to advise if I had a bit more understanding of your methodology. I go very heavily on Hermetic approaches specifically Franz Bardon’s methods and teachings along with mixed eastern perspectives and chaos magick for the most part.

You damn near answered your own question.

I combine Esoteric Buddhism with western things like casting a circle and working with 4 elements(as opposed to 6). If an evocation calls for working with a deity of a different culture, I might try to integrate details from that culture’s rituals. it’s slightly like chaos magic in that regard.


Alright. Well what I would do is find if there are any specific sigils already associated with Yaweh if not then immerse yourself in the mentality of his sphere as you understand it and create a sigil through preferred methods. This sigil you would charge with basic vital energy to awaken it and then if you are familiar with Bardon’s methods from his first two books find the mental center of it and the realm it connects to and draw upon that to create the atmosphere needed for evocation. From there it follows the same format as any other.

Well that’s funny :wink:

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