'Lucifer and the hidden demons' concrete results?

Hi, I have the book and did my first ritual last night.
I would like to know whether people here have had concrete results with this book in terms of making something tangible manifest.
I see a lot of posts on the subject but people say it helped them look sexy, attractive and stuff like that which I feel is subjective.
I would like to know whether anyone had results with this book in terms of manifesting money, getting revenge, winning court cases and getting anything like that manifest in the real world as a result of this book’s rituals.


@shinri works almost exclusively with the book, if I’m not mistaken, and may have some experiences to share.


Moreh helped me remove some debt I had troubles with. I am forever grateful.

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How long did it take it to work?

Around 90 days.


Be patient and you will get results.

Probably some of the most “tangible” results in terms of stuff showing up have come from Maggid. I usually leave the wording of the request close to the name of the power in the book, by the way. Whenever I ask for gifts, something unexpected usually turns up, thus far mostly free food and drinks at unexpected times. The description of the power makes it sound like people will directly give stuff to you specifically, but often it’s been that I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes the gifts are recurring.

The curses have also worked well for me. I actually haven’t really done much in the way of cursing since I started working with the book, but I have manifested disease and physical injury, among various forms of mental suffering. Sometimes it takes a bit. Be patient. If your hatred gets to the point where it interferes with your life again while you wait then just add another curse that won’t mess with any of the others. Be patient. You will have your satisfaction and find peace.

I have not been in a legal argument while working this magick, but I have been in situations where argumentation and persuasion are required to defeat an enemy, or simply to live life. These powers have been among the finest. If you allow it, your personality will be re-shaped.

If you give the magick your time and attention, you will not be disappointed.


Awesome. Thank you, shinri.

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Sounds cool. lol

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I asked Lucifer to speed up time so I could get money faster on my card; the next morning I got the money.

I asked a demon Camalon to make a roommate leave the house we were sharing. The guy left the next day and I didn’t see him for a week straight. This blew my mind lol.

Asked Kalotes for aid in learning, got some unusual high grades at math (had a real hardcore teacher).


Fuck sake!!! OMG, it works!!!

I did a ritual last week about something money related, that one did not happen yet however last night I did another one with Maggid and suddenly just now I got a refund from Amazon for face masks and a book that I bought now during the lockdown. I have received both but Amazon must have screwed up and they say they apologize that after such a long time I have not received the items. lol. What were the odds of something like that to happen without the demons? There are small amounts of money like £12 and £25 but still… this was funny and amazing at the same time…
Looking forward to working more with this book tonight:)))


This is smart.


well l performe a ritual for demon arakison to protect me against covid19 , my job is really dangerous in regard to being infected but i only had few mild sign and just for 2 or 3 days like a normal flu. so i think its work was and is great for limiting signs of disease

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Amazing!!! <3

Covid is a hoax


Let’s not get there.


Here’s a cool experience one time I could see a glow of light next to me with my eyes closed when I called lucifer

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I know this thread is kind of old, but I have had success with this book. About a year ago, I did it before my vacation in Virginia Beach. I had no expectations going in. I got comped for a couple of Orange Crushes and a cold brew coffee at my breakfast one day.

I did a working with Presfees. It took a while, but when it happened, it was…chef’s kiss.

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I worked on healing with Dulid. Months ago I sprained my ankle and until recently I still had pain. I did a ritual with Dulid and he fixed my ankle overnight. Even though the grimoire says he heals animals, I found he heals humans too.

Arakison helped me once with a headache. I didn’t take pills. 15 minutes after the ritual the headache was gone.

Corocon has helped me with stomach pains.

Astaroth has manifested online matches on Bumble.

Gramon has manifested views and subscribers on my YouTube channel.


I guess this post can also double as a thank you to these spirits.

L& HD works and found that even in crunch time it works when you are desperate.

For me the results were:

  1. Won a legal dispute:

Gillamon(Make the judge trust everything I say)
Rosaran(Bring Fortune to the trial)
Asturel(Make me calm when questioned by the prosecutor)
Parelit(Make the judge swiftly decide in my favor)
Trapis(To be seen as innocent)

This worked as well as you would expect. The opposition had no chance at all from my experience. All their reasoning broke down, the judge repeatedly condescended the prosecutor for lack of facts.

  1. Several Debts were paid

    Lucifer(make the debt go away faster)
    Maggid(Find a money source)

Several times, the due date was already here and I called them and people were more willing to either pay it for me or at least pay it for me for now and I get an installment type of arrangement to cover it.
My best case was someone paid it for me and I don’t have to pay it back anymore.

Haven’t used it for love or lust yet but since I already have so many experiences that it worked, then I expect that it will work for that subject as well.

Thank you spirits of L&HD.


For my experience, I have good results with Corilon, Rosaran and Parelit for legal case. Also Moreh for remove debuts, Melabed for growth for income for one friend. It was fast and tangible manifestation. But for example for loves and seduction until now its not working for me.

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