Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book

Just did my first ritual with Apormanos

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Thanks so much for sharing this Jollix! I will definitely try it! I had another success story with this book. Im going to post in the members success thread…


I just bought it. Wow. Long winded explanations of every detail.

I think the gist is you do the pathworking to Lucifer first then the following spirit? Then when it is sensed or seen, you petition?


Yeah basically just ask for what it is you need and then say thanks and leave unless they ask you questions, then clarify, then leave lol


i will remember to thank them. Thank you very much

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How did the ritual with Apormanos go for you? Any results?

Yess how were your results

I recently read this, & LOVE it!! I will be trying this real soon.

I totally know what you mean, every other “way” seems incredibly complicated, but this just seems so easy. I haven’t attempted this before, & Lucifer’s been calling me for a few months now. With this I think I’m finally ready to get at it. Hopefully it’s sunny & warm tomorrow cuz I’ll be heading for the trees to do it. I have some simple questions to ask right now, but I can’t imagine actually being able to see or hear anything. More than likely will “feel” his presence, & maybe random things will pop into my head like they do. I guess we’ll see. Would love to hear others’ experiences.

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What was wrong with your cat?! I definitely want I hear all about this!!

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One should never rely on sigils. If you absolutely must use a Sigil, understand that you can make up your own. It’s all the intent that goes into the sigil, and sigils are fairly modern invention anyway.

Understand, I know that sigils make things simpler, and I have quite a few of them tattooed, but don’t become overly dependent upon them. Remember, you’re using your power, not the power that’s in the marking.

You can always break out the rose cross, and make up a Sigil that way if you needed to.


Seems many have tried, but few have good results?

The Courage request to Nilima was good for me, I handled a difficult meeting brilliantly.

Still waiting for some money requests to materialise.

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Oh, I haven’t seen that before. I may check it out if I find some time, to see what it offers.

Zero results


What did you request for?

My non-monetary requests were satisfactorily fulfilled.


I asked Apormanos to increase the chance of meeting women I find attractive that will lead to a sexual and emotional attraction.

Been months and no results.

Also asked shatan to increase my magickal abilities and results and don’t feel anything.


Necronomicon Spellbook was awesome for my magickal works.


About 70% succes on my request, most of the time are very subtle , but with Calamosi turned out a very hard experience, a full real evocation , I never felt something like this before. This book Is pure gold