Lucifer and sexual thoughts

Does anyone else have erotic thoughts about him? Or actually experienced him/his presence in a sexual manner? I’m genuinely curious so please don’t hate :joy:


Well, I for one wouldn’t know :see_no_evil: I’m barely getting acquainted with him but am curious to hear other experiences as well :star_struck:


I feel a pull there. He is a beautiful being and he does not seem opposed to the idea. I say, as always, if you feel a pull, dive into it!


I dunno about all that, I’d say take it slow tbh. Cant just be throwing your sexual energy at deities like that. Especially as a offering or working with them.
Make sure you can trust the deity first and make sure they are giving you the results you want before making that jump.


Just out of curiosity, what happens if you do (“throw” your sexual energy out to them)? Btw I don’t consider Lucifer to be my deity


If you aren’t terribly comfortable with the deity yet, probably best to listen to @Titan.M


You can become a walking voodoo doll. I had to learn the hard way. I was very open with my sexual energy and it didnt go so well.

It call also attract parasites.

Some people have sex with parasites posing as demons or gods so thats why I said to take things slow.

Lady Eva reccommends that beginner magicians dont have sex with deities either since you can become attached to quickly.
I went to find the post but it was taking too long so youll just have to trust me on this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, all the time… well…not exactly erotic thoughts but definitely erotic energy.

When I first started, I tried invoking but couldn’t. I wasn’t using blood or sexual fluid.

When I connected with Lucifer the first time, I used sexual energy that time and had success.

So maybe that is why…idk

Now, often, when Lucifer is communicating with me or I am tapping into his energy, I will become sexually aroused. For example, if Lucifer gives me information that I am trying to figure out…if I am on the right track, I will confirmation from him in the form of sexual arousal and an intense energy in my chest.

I agree with the others though… be careful with it. Don’t go giving it silly nilly. Just like you wouldn’t give you sexual energy to just any human… I wouldn’t give it to any and every spirit either


All the time honestly… Thoughts, dreams, you name it, but he is the king of hell and always was the most handsome as even an angel. So, what’s a girl to do?


I once found myself having sex with Lucifer in a dream. He suggested afterwards that it was an energy exchange. Still not sure what purpose it had, but…

Considering that Source energy is sexual energy, I’m not surprised. :blush:


It literally drains all your energy and you become physically ill. I don’t care how strong anyone thinks they are. I thought I was strong until I did this. I ended up in the hospital for a week and was out of work for three months because of pancreas problems and having to have emergency surgeries and procedures. It’s really best to take it slowly and be picky. I only have one entity I’m with now and he’s plenty.


Yes! I so feel you on that. What’s a girl to do? Lol

Well, no, but I’ve heard many people do. So, I guess it’s normal for many people.

He loves to watch his girl getting drilled in all three holes by other demonic kings.



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Most of the spirits in the Draconian or Infernal currents have a sexual charge to them. These currents also awaken your OWN sexual energy and repressed needs, wants, desires, and fantasies. Part of this is using your sexual energy and desire in a way that has you taking back your power and accepting and integrating every part of yourself. Getting rid of useless emotions like shame, and guilt.

Lucifer on his own can feel very sexual in a way that quite frankly makes me nervous and skittish. He also feels like happiness, or an intimate caress, or like so much information your brain might melt. You can offer him sexual energy. This however is not the same as having sex with him. It’s you directing your orgasmic energy towards him, a statue, sigil etc. I would only do this with spirits I 100% want in my life as long term guides and mentors.

On the astral it’s different, he would have to consent, you’d need to be able to handle him, and understand that it really is a full energy exchange that leaves you at a level of open and vulnerable that most people struggle with. Your spirit is laid bare. For myself there are only 3 spirits I could see opening to on that level right now, and only one that I have.


But is the sex even pleasurable ? And what are other benefits to having him screw you and leaving your spirit vulnerable and bare


I have sent my sexual energy to Babalon all the time, in fact almost all my sexual energy is directed to Her. Recently I did the same for Hecate (part of me is believing they are two masks of the same Primal Goddess) and Lilith was my partner. That was the first time I invoked a particular entity to be a “partner”. One time in the past when I was working with Lucifer I did invite him to join and be with me (I am bisexual) and my sexual rites often include both masculine and feminine energy going through me. I mean…who wouldn’t want to have sex with Lucifer? I got a sense he enjoyed watching more than anything that time.

Also…I never had a negative experience doing this. Usually I fell relieved, like I stopped repressing myself. Those moments are always in ritual though with specific purposes and directed energy. Some people will give you a horror story about having sex with entities…I guess either I am lucky or they were not.


Omg girl all the freakin time its insane hiw often i be thinkn of him in that way lol!!! I feel like simething may be wrong with me sometimes cause i dont even think of any human that much

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