Lucifer and Satan's sigil

Okay so I’ve been having this doubt for a long time. Do Lucifer and Satan have different sigils? Or both are one ?!

Lucifer and Satan don’t have the same sigil.

In 1975 during a magical ritual Michael Aquino was told by Satan that he doesn’t want to be seen with the hebrew view and wanted from Aquino that he spreads that the true self of “Satan” is Set.

In the Nightside of Eden is Set’s sigil published.
Lucifer’s sigil is easy to find as well.


Lucifer is not Satan.


There are plenty of threads regarding this specific topic, both in terms of their differences and in some cases similarities.

Here’s a counter argument from Asenath Mason in Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations;

”The concept of the Lord of Thaumiel as a god-form embracing the forces of both Satan and Moloch, bound by the current of Lillith, was developed within the inner work of the Temple of Ascending Flame. In this interpretation, the Lord of Thaumiel is not the Two-Headed God vaguely mentioned in Qabalistic sources, but to Initiate in the path of the Qliphoth he reveals himself as Lucifer, the Dark God of Sitra Ahra, while Satan and Moloch are seen as his two faces or manifestations, rather than beings in their own right.” (p. 271-272).

In addition to that the same vein of argument. I’ll paraphrase Mason and a few others in so far as there are enough similarities between Satan and Lucifer in terms of Lore, for them to be joined together as one.

According to me well they are not one entity, neither are they necessarily masks of one a other as well. This is based partially on personal experiences, and in addition that both of these entities have very different functions in terms of Lore. Lucifer has more similarities to beings like Pan and Loki or Samael, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, according to most biblical scholars. Lucifer faces would in essence have ties to trickster entities. The name Lucifer has Greek and Roman origin, and I.e. Lightbringer or Son of Dawn (Sirius Star). He brings knowledge and wisdom though inspiration of the search of the forbidden, he gives this knowledge to those or seek or those who needs it. Whereas the name Satan means either: accuser or adversary if I would equate the name Satan to any entity that would be Ahriman the “devil” of Persian legends of the Zarathustras religion. Another mask of Satan would be Belial who’s firstly mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of his ascribed titles is; the wicked one or without master. Belial has a similar function in terms of. lore with Satan than Satan has with Lucifer.

I’ll stop right here, I am beating a dead horse. But now you have some additional information to look up.


P.S don’t take my word for it. See what you find though your own research on this forum and elsewhere. Only you can be the judge of wether they are one and the same or not. Never accept group think or anyone’s word for anything. If we did we would energy make any new discoveries.

All the best


Mason, A. (2017). Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations. USA: Become A Living God.

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Correction and addendum, I said;

And Prometheus (the greek Titan). Lucifer is the bringer of illumination and knowledge. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Loki is Lucifer or vice versa. But the correlations between pan and Lucifer and Samael and Lucifer are pretty similar, similar enough you can say that they are masks of one another. Then the questions remains which came first? And my counter question is; does it really matter?


And thus they have different sigils.

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How does Satan’s sigil looks like

You can use Google Images for any sigil you may want to see.

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It shows Lucifers and Satan have the same sigil

I saw that it shows different sigils for each spitrit. Though, if you search for Satan’s sigil, it will also have some results with Lucifer’s sigil, but they’re not the same.

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Lucifer and Satan are different


Okay thanks

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