Lucifer and lilith

I have used the search function but i still have doubts.Lucifer told me to work under Lilith that’s she’s taking over me for a while what should I expect and what does she help with? She pointed towards me and poked her tongue with her sharp nail what does it mean btw?


I think her message was “I chose you to work with.”


Is that good? I am just new to all this

Well that depends on how you feel about it, do you want to work with Lilith?

Yes of course but just a little scared about the lust thing

What lust thing?

Like lilith can be little too attractive and i dont know which relation i can see her with.

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Only if you see her like that

Approach her unbiased and with respect


I would definitely do that, thats the respect i wanted to give her thanks for helping. Hail lilith


Well Lucifer is a Creator force and Lilith is the materialisation. This interaction is actually the basis of magic. If you are an energy worker you will feel Lucifer like in direction East or South or South-East a masculine active warm manly energy and Lilith in North, West or North-West the feminine energy, yin in its many forms. So actually to be balanced in magic is excellent if you work with both Lucifer and Lilith. There is the Pentagram depicting the unity of Samael and Lilith which is the key


Well I have never worked with Lilith but one of my closest friends has and still is.

One thing I always knew about Lilith is that she chooses the ones that may work with her.
My friend was lacking self esteem and self confidence and a little while after interacting with Lilith well he wasn’t lacking self esteem or self confidence at all, in fact he was super confident and happy. Lilith is hard as rock, he learned how to stand up to himself and he didn’t let anyone take him down. That’s what changed about him after interacting with Lilith.

Regarding lust, if you see her as crazy attractive then she will appear as such to you, she will appear as your “type of woman” and it’ll probably make you weak emotionally/sexually. What relation you’ll have with her is something you develop by time. Nobody is a spirits best friend the first day/night you invoke it, it takes time. At first I didn’t like Lucifwe, especially when he was super serious and interacted with me at a daily basis but then the very day I was like ugh, fine let’s do this it was fine but now today I’m super close to him, we really get along. I’ve known him for like 8 years now so far.

Lilith is the kind of woman who’s never afraid to stand up for herself. She’s about equality and empowerment.

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From a historical point of view she’s also responsible for killing newborns, causing stillborns and putting pregnant women at risk during childbirth.


She has been alright with me. If you are working with her I guess she is safe.

Lunar magick, vampirism and sex magick.

It could be a warning. Maybe she’s telling you to watch what you say.

I thought that was Moloch.

Moloch is a Caananite God. In the hebrew bible his devotees practiced child sacrifice.


The stuff about lilith being a symbol for feminism and empowerment is relatively new. Pretty much every culture has its stories of a female entity like lilith who snatches up children during the night, causes miscarriages and stillborns. They may not be the same spirit but a lot of the same symbolism is used to describe them such as the hag or owl. In Jewish lore Lilith was one of those spirits after she left the garden.

I’m not saying she’s a bad spirit to work with but like a lot of demons she has a particularly awful side to her that most people nowadays tend to ignore.

inb4 She’s my best friend and she wouldn’t hurt anyone so this lilith must be an imposter or parasite

The negative aspects of spirits like Lilith manifest in the form of experience when a magician works with her. Through this experience these undesirable aspects are supposed to be transmuted into desirable qualities/a deific mask by the magician. In the lhp a deific mask aids a magician in their journey towards godhood/self-deification.


That’s words from your enemies. If you ever speak with her and experience a glimpse of her existence you will see how wrong those words are.


ARD if you do some research you will see that Lilith is the entry point to the occult world.
The bottom one for the kabbalah.
And any other points of view.
To reach your maximum potential as a magician you must go to the top of the pyramid. You start in the bottom, you start with Lilith.