Lucifer-Amaymon & I Gatekeeper Journal

Lucifer Gatekeeper my 3 week journal.
I began on the new/dark moon
Set up iny room cause of need described in my other journal.

Day 3.
As im still recovering I did not expect anything nor myself to be sensitive enough.
This is what I saw:

Serpents maw / mouth coming towards me
I thought /said “hello”
-nothing re-sank-
Serpent coils to open up to be a woman
Then flash nothing whispy. My thought “illusion?”
Back again definitely a woman she stands before me. Then gone. Then much closer.
No wirds no Speaking or impressed .

I sensed being observed no fears no threats.

Had to stop bed for me…
Impulse i knew Mabras and Lilith needed something so poured vodka then a very small shot sized tumeric tea… didn’t know who was for whom so lit mabras incense to see which was his. He seemed to choose the tumeric. - no idea why.


Oh yeah. I noticed today that when it comes to mattters of the heart that I refuse to experience both pleasant not so… and tend to hold onto the ideas rather then the experience so to speak but i could have been over analysing again. So tonight deliberately let everything expand before calling each.


Thanks for sharing!

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I love reading your posts. Are you using Lucifers darker aspect “Amaymon” as well? He’s definitely going to benefit you with regards visions and astral stuff. I know you do divination too so he can help there also.

Tumeric LOL, Perfect for a healer who’s color is yellow


I did not know the colours… i have times when my body is in control or i could say i was lazy but both are inauthentic. … i haven’t been reading cause of feeling under the effects of my liver n mouth. :blush:
Thank you for your encouragement. Posting so thay eventually i wont need to cayse im this form of magick was not doing before joining. Loving it even when think “I cant be bothered”.
I read the Amaymon post was a little unclear abouy his aspects here with Lucifer as i assumed that was separate rather than the same. Although I found in EA’s words that Lucifer is the Title and Amaymon the aspect or p a rt of the title … which is why you have Lucifuge also. But I may need to re look up.
Yes i will integrate Amaymon with Lucifer tonight.
Thank you. @Aprentiz


From tonight for Six consecutive doing EA’s black sun meditation as it rises to zenith in the west at night and setting in yhe east at dawn - apon waking up in the morning.


My journal title should include Amaymon if i am to do this correctly
Anyway tonight like Clauneck is recorded & some sprawling. Will type tmr. Night all



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Thanks @Aprentiz for the adjustment :blush:
I better get to typing on my lil’ phone


Ok ibthink i finally got it sll from the recordings

Lucifer -vibrated Amaymon -vibrated

L Stand together shall we one
M /L /A Amaymon blankets to ash dul’ashala then
I am reborn
M Show me your form that I can understand
-vibrates Lucifer

Man in white robes walking towards me walking on fire

L Do you prefer the dragon
M -(& L ?)-. (inside smile) Yes
Swallow me with your maw … burn away
whats … whats faulty
L Burn the key
M -Lucifer- white robes
L You control it. Have ashira how much control.
How much I see … Your Strength you want to give up now you should stay keep going your stronger than before. Stay. Stay.
M Burn right (impressed idea)
L Listen carefully
Listen to the words I speak. Listen. Aven.

Reset incense & recording.

M what is the profound thing I am going to learn
vibrates - Lucifer

L bringer of life / of death
M Amaymon
A Beginning. Key is inside you. Its always been
inside you. Close your eyes and see.
M I try
A Death
You cannot come unless you die
M and how do I die
A You must give up desires & wants
Personality Be no more
M I see. … Tell me what to do
A You must give up to die then you my voice is
dead. Then my voice is still alive

A I died
Must experience death and be awake. Your life
From of be extremely
You do not have to physically die.
Walk with Us to become.
M -
M I have to go to sleep have to say goodnight

After all that sleep was not forthcoming! Maybe reletive ti the black sun meditation described in ea video


Here’s a linkk just to keep in your journal. Other’s may find it useful :slight_smile:


Yes this one.
Am quite tired so let it be known from beginning that everything is short so as i can make sleep.
Meditative same way as my other current thread
Sos i dont repeat myself.
Am tired still got to vis thr black sun rising
Night all
(“Clauneck My Second 60 day Journal”)


Its hsrd to remember to set the sun when you wake up!!! Parental responsibility youd think a 15 yr old would get herself up eat n prep her lunch!!!

Ok. Last night cause I was already tired as nd too lazy to do anything during the afternoon! I began with my Clauneck 22:00hrs … but was shit tired very drowsy and when I tried with Lucifer Amaymon I basically slid under the blankets.


@Morgana9 My suggestion for you to go even deeper into the realm or abyss of unknown, would be to seek Nirvikalpa and Surrender to It. That is the Only true way to experience “death” without dying. To be explained as simple as possible would be: in deep meditative state, one must Entirely shed away all that is known, familiar, or recognized to be understood in existence, one must deny all attachment to the ego, expell all thought and focus toward directional outcome. Within this, state of being/mind/spirit/evolution the vessel will be unrecognizable to existence. In a sense of being Reborn, giving new purpose and realization to what is known to be life and the grand scheme of things. Good luck with your journey & practices.


Thank you @SourceAdversary appreciate your advice

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Glast night all i managed was to sense spirit Prescence.
However a breakthrough with the meditations taught to me… I felt it again this morning. Fire ~ like golden ~ stream like flowing out of my chakras under feet centre palms the majors the diamond effect; that is bese of skull crown ajna points of light on thr top of head.
The same expressed from sacral & root.
Last night i focused for it to include shoulders elbows th i s morning this was included.

Uts not hard to do once you expressly practice frequently.
This opening is not as far as i can assses the same sa TG sync


Well tonight Lucifer Amaymon was more productive recorded… my room is amokey probably why my throat hurts.
Ashala knows how to die… she said I must surrender to die loose control in order to gain control.
(Not my idea of fun but ascention is the goal after all).
Stii persistent thoughts of Astaroth but myind was still not surrendering in the moment


Ok tonight was recorded aldo.will go through it tmr. Good night


Today’s i quieted my mind whilst traveling on bus -hey it was quiet n mostly empty… i decided to allow myself to ve aware. And i did sense that I was surrounded by Beings.
Tonight - i gotta start earlier -.
I did the same fiser rang my bowl and mentally visusl of shoving parasites out.
Then a sensing as before. In my room I could feel a bit and vaguely idea of seeing fairly TALL
Thrm that meditative where i experienced avatar abd more recently the healt traveling throughput firt that river perineum to crown n down…
Then my feet hands shoulders crown zeal etc
HEAT flowing building through and out od soles of feet centre of palms
Then declaring that Morgana is in me . I evoked Clauneck letting him know uts a brief hellow I didn’t get a conversation because Lucifer Amaymon was very much Present in my mind so quicker then expected . Calling Lucifer Amaymon
Stating my desire for a short possession time frame.
We got as far as lying back the pressure then heat traversing top of gead down then wave of powerful electrical energies came through me i was stretched out im sure i was taller. Lighter i sat up full of revitalized youth and length powerful walking around but still my mind in the drivers seat. Then sat back down with furthercharges if heat head down traveling to my geart and lungs. Whilst the energies did flow down they were still upper. I rered back again the upright.
Then began to realize just how tured I actually am - again. So… distracted my mind and stated we continue tomorrow.

So well. Good night


We all share the same space in different realities :slight_smile:

Sounds like you awakened your kundalini

Never doubted this for a second, you are indeed special and as you invite each one to work with and become familiar with your energy, they will become a part of you forever.

I could not have hoped for a better result for you. I hope everyone is experiencing such revelations.

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