Lucid experience

Hi guys, just want to say I really appreciate this community and love that there is always someone who can relate to one of my experience or give great advice and feedback.

So I’ve noticed that no matter what chakra I meditate on, the orb or energy that I see is always blue in colour. Could this perhaps be an entity or is this merely the energy that I am channelling myself?

the reason I ask this is because last night I woke up at 3am and instead of falling back to sleep I meditated for an hour until I started seeing the blue light I always see. Then I decided to go to sleep and just before I went to sleep I communicated to it and said I want to speak to someone who I used to be very close to. As soon as I fell asleep I felt my soul leap out of my body and I started heavily lucid dreaming, i looked at myself fast asleep on my bed and next thing you know I fly straight through my house window and to some kind of gathering/party (which I did not have control over), when I landed I asked people if they had seen this person and they said they had and that they had just gone to the toilet. I waited for the person to exit and there they were. A couple mins later my dream gets interrupted and it turns a bit dark and nightmare like.

Does stuff like this have any meaning at all? I’m really kinda new to this stuff and my level of consciousness while dreaming is starting to become really prominent… like the fact that I landed somewhere exactly where the person I was seeking was feels quite overwhelming and not so coincidental… does the blue energy/orb/entity relate to this experience at all?

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Some part sof dreams have meaning, but it’s usually mixed in with parts that don’t, and analysing them is an art in itself.

You might like the little collection of tutorials and topics we have on dream work for some more ideas.

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I’d just like to update this because I can’t quite believe it…. So the person I was talking about was my ex girlfriend. I went to see her at her home she wasn’t there, then I went to her uni and could not see her. I would have missed her completely then I remembered this dream and her being at the toilet. Started walking towards the toilet and boom bump into her she couldn’t believe I was there and it went really well… Coincidental or was I guided in my dream?? Who knows but a magical experience nevertheless

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The weirdest part is that this “gathering” I speak about in the thread looked awfully similar to her university (which I had never been to before) crazy shit