Lucid dream attack for helping the cursed

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I’ve been a follower of EA’s work for at least a couple years now, I’m happy that there has been a community created for us to share our experiences and our knowledge with others (at least what we can share). I’m born and raised in America and grew up mostly american style. My parents and a couple of my siblings were born in Haiti. I grew up with my grandmother around a lot of the time, she did not practice majick but that is all I know and being told. I’ve met her sister and I know shes a practitioner. My point is there is a connection in my family to this world and I’m not sure how deep it runs because my generation and my parents choose a different path. So that is my back round.


This is a true account of us not knowing how strong we really are.


I have a family member who over the last several years has been having the worst luck imaginable from being unable to keep a job, a car, a relationship, or anything that makes them happy. All outlets of happiness has been destroyed or will be destroyed. I noticed this and asked her to move from where she was living in hopes of me being able to help her change her life. This was the around the same time I started following EA. At this point I know very little about the metaphysical and have yet to read an entire book about it for that matter.

My family member after coming decided that shes going to live with a mutual family member of mine. I had just Married and she did not want to impose, I just wanted to help so I said fine. Let me know if you need anything. She calls about two weeks later saying she got kicked out. She refuses to come to my house. She instead finds a efficiency to live. I just wanted to help so I said fine.

About a week later, she looses her job and calls to say that she will take the help. She fell behind on her car payments. I fixed that. She had health issues. I found her the right doctor to treat it. Every issue that came up in her life I seemingly had a quick solution to solve it. I was a force in her life that rescued her in every moment of need.

I realized that her stream of bad luck was not just a case of someone needing help when there was a coordinated attack against me in a LUCID DREAM!

The Dream:

I woke up one morning and my son a 2 year old at the time, was carrying what seemed to be a big tub a little bigger then those plastic ones with the protein powders. He carried it over to my wife who was getting ready for work in the bathroom and began to take off the lid, I jumped out of bed and pulled him away from the tub, then my wife. I took a look inside the tub and saw a giant snake diving through sand, in what seemed to be like a blue whale diving into the ocean. With my family behind be I turned my back on the threat. As soon as I turn away someone screams my name as if they were in danger. I turn back around and its my family member, this time I have to walk past a gigantic snake, standing tall and stiff from outside the bucket, all white skin and red eyes. It was looking me dead in the eye, and with no hesitation I stormed towards it and while coming face to face with this entity in disguise I reached for my family member grabbed her with my right hand and moved her behind me and pulled her away with my left hand. I then backed away from it and woke up like WHAT THE FUCK!!!

The following night it returned…

This time under the disguise of a abused dog, I was standing there discussing something with a good friend of mine (actually a good friend of mine outside of my dreams). Then this dog appears out of the darkness with a sad abused face and a sickly body it looked as if it had no eaten in weeks and appeared to be very malnourished. I however did not feel any sympathy for this dog, I told him ( In my native language) you will not pass. My friend began to ask me why I would not let it pass and I had no explanation I was just determined to not let it pass. My friend began to beg me to let it pass and I yelled no. YOU WILL NOT PASS!!! At that very moment the dog went from abused to abuser and attacked me. It jumped and lunged towards me, I put my forearm up in front of me as some sort of a shield and braced for its bite. As soon as in dug into my skin I lifted the dog even higher off the ground and over me and slammed it on the ground. To my surprise in then took the shape of a human and said “you are well prepared” and vanished. I then woke up like WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I told her my dream and she insisted on leaving, and at that point I realized she knew what would follow. She now lives in her original dwelling. This taught me a very important lesson. I hope the same for you. BECOME A LIVING GOD!!!

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