Loving 2 girls

I have a situation… i still love my ex and i want her back desperatly but i also met this other girl who kinda likes me back in a way… i know it’s selfish what i’m about to ask but the thing is, I can’t help but feel love for both of them. Are there any spells that i could use in order to have a relationship with both of them at the same time, any entity whatsoever? Thank you in advance

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Like a polyamory kind of relationship? Will they both know about each other? Or do you not want them to know about each other? There’s a lot of things you need to decide first.


The Enochian sex magick sigil in the book Adventures in Sex Magick can open you up to this sort of thing if that is what you want.

Something to consider, though, is how you would feel about them being with other people. If imagining them having sex with someone else makes you feel jealous or uncomfortable, the magick can change that. And I don’t just mean the FFM fantasy many men have. Imagine how you would feel if you unexpectedly walked in on her giving another man a blowjob, or seeing him penetrate her, and her absolutely loving it.

It is not about you allowing them to do this, as this would imply that you are the one who gets to decide what they do with their sexuality. Having this sort of attitude certainly reduces the number of potential long-term partners you could have, as the sexual norms most cultures instill in people is one that values such things as “I am only for you,” “Are you going to let your girl walk around in that?” “You are all I need,” “Why am I not good enough for you?” and actively shames people with different or more open sexualities, especially women, but if you want to give in to fear and force yourself to be someone that you are not then that’s up to you I guess.

To me at least, it’s not that any one relationship isn’t good enough. It’s that I want wonderful relationships with many people, and sex would sometimes, perhaps even often (though not always) be a part of a wonderful relationship to me. It is also the case that I have many and varied ways I like to express myself sexually and experiences I like having, and not everyone is compatible with all of that. There’s so much arbitrary, judgy shit that society forces on sex. The magick in the book I mentioned can help you be aware of this and let it go.

If you don’t want this sort of open or polyamorous relationship and would rather have an exclusive girlfriend plus a secret mistress there are plenty of demons and other spirits that can help you with forming attractions and keeping secrets.


I think you’re thinking of another book. There’s no enochian type sigils in that book.


I really can go with both of them knowing of each other or not…
But an exclusive girlfriend and a secret mistress would do also.
I wait for you to give me more opinions about this thing and tell me more about how i can accomplish this.

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Try Asmodeus


You can peitiiton for them to both be open to this kind of relationship.

How could i do that?

This is unfortunately a niche I have a ton of knowledge in outside of Magick. Want to know the harsh reality? You get back the ex by finding happiness in the new girl.


If you’re going to be doing this type of work, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research. Here’s some info on petition spells:


You don’t need a spell, you need knowledge.
The truth is you are not with any girls.

One is a ex, which became that way for a reason, the other girls “kinda” likes you. That’s weak. You need a bigger pipline of women. Read a book about mastering open relationships- caleb something is the author. He writes about dating too. You should be dating 7-12 women at a time, discarding and picking up like playing cards- till you get a good hand.

You cannot change a monog relationship into an open one- not easily, and it will generally fail and make you look bad. Also read the “way of the superior man” about how to be the man that you need to be to have women in your life. Helped me immensely will help you too.


Well the sigil, which you can find on their website here, uses Enochian letters.

I have recently acquired a copy of Kevin Klein’s transcription of Dee and Kelly’s manuscripts (everyone mentions Dee but doesn’t give credit to the guy who actually did the scrying), and I am curious to see what I may find. Perhaps I am wrong and the authors just used Enochian letters for the names of other spirits. There’s three big-ass books to read through and the wife-swapping shenanigans didn’t happen until the end of the ordeal so I’ll have to see. There’s also the invocation/Call/chant/whatever you do before the names (they seem like names to me) so maybe I’ll find that. The grimoire kinda seems to reference the Kama Sutra a bit as well, which I also have a copy of and am reading (mostly the original text, glossing over the commentaries).

The relevant section’s probably in Latin though, so fuck me I guess. If previous scholarship on the topic is anything to go by I’m probably better off just waiting for some classicist to get bored and do a translation. Not to throw shade, and maybe existing stuff is good, but it is what it is.

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