Love work with Lucifer in Leraje and return to the spiritual world

Guys, I’m going to tell you a little about my story, I ask you to read it carefully.

I was already a practitioner of goetia, but my evocation was always without magic circles or banishments. In my opinion, the beings have such a strong energy and are very powerful that I believe that if it were their will to do evil, they would do so even if you performed countless banishing rituals. I respect each person’s decision and opinions. I come from an evangelical family, my father is a pastor in Brazil and we see many cases of people within the church who the “enemy” (as they call the other force in the churches, the force of spiritual beings who do not agree with Christianity) join in. they take possession of them, and even possess them.

I used to do a lot of rituals to attract men, and in one of these rituals I met a boy I fell in love with, but he suddenly started going to church more frequently and in that way he started forcing me to take me, and in all our respects this It was a point of conflict, but I stupidly left my spiritual side aside and decided to go to church and give myself body and soul.

Then the problems started, I started to have financial losses, setbacks, too many fights in the relationship. And once when we had a verbal fight (I’m against physical violence) I said some things that for a thousandth of a second I felt that wasn’t what I wanted to say, that it was influenced by something. I felt like I stopped in time and saw myself speaking and that it wasn’t something that was in my heart.

Before we anticipate our end. A month before, I dreamed about Belial, I saw a lady enter my workplace and she was carrying a Belial pendant around her neck and I was trying to decipher that image and then I saw that it was Belial’s seal and she came and put her hand in my head and there I went into a rage. That’s how my boyfriend was, having fits of rage, then I woke up and realized that our relationship was being shaken by spiritual forces. As I was attending church, I asked God to remove that energy.

A month passed and he suddenly decided to break up with me, but it ended with an absurd coldness, that whoever told me I wouldn’t believe, and he said that we didn’t work out and that he was going to move on with his life and that he wanted to be single and that he wouldn’t He wanted sexual contact with me, just a friendship and look, he hardly spoke to me, he avoided it and it was always said to me that he didn’t want to be with me. I was very devastated and still am.

To give you an idea, we were going to live together, we bought everything.

After this revelation in my mind I ran to reconcile with the spiritual energies, I performed a ritual with Lucifer to sweeten him and make him very in love with me, in other words a love spell, seduction. I had already done it before for someone and it worked very well, I’ll even explain how I did it, if it’s of interest to anyone, I can update the post. Now, back to the story, today he still doesn’t want to date me, but today, compared to before, he’s more flexible. When I did the ritual with Lucifer I asked him to give me a sign in 5 days that I could have hope, on the fifth day, we had sex, but it was such good sex, so delicious, unusual sex.

He’s still aloof, but he’s more flexible, but I’m still in this fight with Lucifer. I also called Leraje, but Leraje asked him to destroy all sexual and romantic relationships that he may have, and even friendships that are against us. He has a party girl cousin, I asked her to stay away from him completely like Lucifer.

I’m seeing a lot of progress in this love and seduction ritual, in other words, love tying.

I believe I can call Belial and kindly ask him to release my boyfriend’s mind, at least in the dream it seemed to me that he was manipulating his mind, although with work with Lucifer and with that my boyfriend is already showing himself to be more malleable. But it’s still not how I want it, I want to renew our relationship, but he’s still reluctant about it, now he’s started going out with his cousin a few times and arriving only in the morning, drinking too. But I’m confident he’ll be mine again.


Sorry what’s the question? Why do you want it to be read when you are not asking for opinions for feedback?

Seems like there’s no issue here. You’ve got it all sorted.

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Can you tell me how you do the ritual here or privately?

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The OP mentions she performed "a lot of rituals to attract men", it wasn’t anything specific.

We have a collection of love and sex workings here, or just use the search for what you want. We are overflowing with this kind of working.

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I actually wanted this spell

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So, I may have made a mistake on this part, I kind of just wanted to share my experience.

So, I got this ritual here on the forum, from a woman who made it for her “boyfriend” and I did it once, it worked very well, but I asked Lucifer to interrupt because I no longer wanted the person. And now I did it again and so far we are heading towards success and we will be heading towards more success.
The Ritual I did was to print his photo, draw Lucifer’s sigil on the photo, then put my blood (I used a needle to prick my finger, those from syringes) on the sigil, several dots of blood, after that I placed the sigil on a base, I offered Lucifer some wine, cinnamon incense and chanted his Enn: “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer”, I chanted until I felt a chill in my spine, and his presence, when I called him, it seemed like he stood behind of me, I feel the presence behind, as if watching me.

I made the request to him and asked for a deadline for me to notice the results, within 5 days I noticed it. I also performed another ritual, I wrote his name 7 times and next to his name I wrote mine and in the middle I wrote the word “I LOVE YOU” vertically and then I placed it in a glass jar, folded the paper and placed it on top of the honey paper. of bees and cinnamon and I asked Lucifer to dedicate that “work” to make my ex-boyfriend very sweet, before he didn’t even want to see me, if he did it was with other people, mutual friends, he didn’t even come to my house, I think we had sex more in a week than when we were dating, but he is still aloof as I said above. On the 5th day we had crazy sex and I kept the secret and Lucifer active and kept to myself, sometimes I imagine things and remain confident in the result. I want my ex to ask me to be his girlfriend, to come meek and submissive, but I don’t want to dominate him, but I want him to be very gentle.

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Alright, thank you very much for the information…