Love spells on 3 targets?

So i thought about putting love spells on 3 targets
Any thoughts on this matter? Or will it be chaotic

Well… what is your ideal outcome?

Having to pick between 3 people?
Or having the best 1 of 3 brought into your life as a partner?

Do the 3 people all know each other?

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I think the helpful advice given by various members in one of your previous threads would suffice here as well:


Oops forgot i had made that post

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No they do not

It depends why. Are you trying to hurt people or make life hard for yourself and them, or do you doubt your magick and are spreading the net wide hoping something sticks?

If it’s the former, you could make a big dramatic mess that you will regret. You are messing with people’s lives, people who have their own natural magick and may retaliate. It’s not unheard of for targets of this magic to become stalkers when rejected or cheated on when they find out you’re not serious. Like playing with fire, it’s not a game and you could get burned.

If it’s the latter, your doubt may have already killed it before you started so it doesn’t matter.

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Your possibly correct on this
I want to date all 3

Well just be honest with them that you are not exclusive, it’s more of a Friends with Benefits thing, and don’t lead them on that it’s more than it is.

Then you will not be cheating on them, and they can choose if they want to take the increased risk of STDs and your emotional and physical unavailability. Having that choice makes all the difference.

And, definitely don’t do a love spell, that way lies madness… just do a lust spell that will wear off when the fun part is over.


Thanks so much for your advice

Well since I’m new to black magick and the occult, I’m just going out on a limb when i say that you can probably choose any targets you want to choose, for any reason that you might want to target them. The only limits are those imposed on you which you have been willing to accept. Skill level, patience, resilience, and of course personal faith and maturity should likely all factor into what you’re willing to undertake as magickal goals or aspirations.

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