Love spells backfiring

Every time I do a love spell on this guy it seems to backfire to myself like crazy even if I protect myself. Give me a more powerful meditation or chant something for protection please!!!
Its insane, I am okay then after doing the spell I get all crazy and obsessed with him( WHEN HE SHOULD BE LIKE THIS) not me :woman_facepalming: I don’t know what protection this guy has, but it’s like a boomerang always comes back to me after i throw it and hits me back even harder.

Every time, as in more than one? Sounds like that’s a possible problem: you’re already obsessed. So it may not be so much a backfire but your stirring up your own energy that’s already there. You kind of feel it when you do a love spell, you feel what you want them to feel, so you can send that energy over, and that can do it too. In that case a protection won’t do anything.

You could try a divination to ask what his protections are. If it’s say, ancestors, you can talk to them and get their approval, if it’s a broken heart you can give him healing to warm him up. Etc etc. Work your spells to fit the problem, basically, since doing more of the same old isn’t cutting it.


It’s absolutely normal. It happened to me over a year ago. Nothing worked as intended and I grew more and more obsessed.

The only things that worked were:

  • Let the target go, give up, accept you can’t always get what you want
  • Do cleansings
  • Ask spirits you trust to help you move on and forget about it

Love magic tends to work only after you get over the target in which case you no longer want them. There is a certain level of irony in love magic and it is also difficult to perform because it is a battle of wills and the casters will is often a weak place mentally


You think if i focus all my energy on someone else or something it will work and make him come back? i remember long ago i did a love spell for a friend now she no longer wants the guy but the guy is obsessed with her and he’s her best friend after she rejected him multiple times.And this man HATED her before, he literally told me he wanted her dead and the spell made him fall in love but it’s useless if she doesn’t want him anymore.

hi, Alya’s 2 cents here.

Being obsessed doesn’t mean your spell isn’t doing anything. I read this often in workings of love. The thing is, find a way to center yourself so it doesn’t consume you. Be patient and keep that iron will :slight_smile:
also: your own thoughts may affect this (negatively or positively) so if you think: fck, obsessing has fcked it up, i’m lusting for results, it’s over…well that may be a self fulfilling prophesy. I keep thinking: My will is so strong it can’t be steered away easily, and that is okay, but now to focus on another thing. Eyes on the primary objective and there are many possibilities. I mean, change your own mindset :slight_smile:

You have written that your friend’s ex-boyfriend is obsessed (after she has gotten over him) maybe it’s because she let go and let the magic do its work, because it works, believe it.
unpopular opinion: don’t give up until you’re good and ready. maybe re-evalute and go for a layered approach.


We all operate on an emotional level. It is impossible to divorce emotion from the human state. We practice Majik and continue learning because of the emotional need/want to achieve our goal, whatever it may be. It is inherent within us all. Obsessive emotions are why spells fail. They’re also why spells work!

We want to discard them, forget them. But why? Emotions are energy! When Emotional energy is cast wildly within a spell it causes trouble. Because energy is alive, the spell is a living thing and it too should be controlled/manipulated even after casting. When it comes to Love, Emotional energy should be controlled within a vessel. Manipulative/Dominating Majik.

The reason Love spells fail/ backfire, is because we cast emotion with no control mechanism. This living thing, like all living things, will seek the path of least obstruction to its own destruction and ultimately its own rebirth.

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Thank you <3 Im going to try really hard to let it go because it consumes me. Its like the energy comes back to me the more I do spells and Im filling myself with so much obsessive energy Im almost losing it :')

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Don’t obsess over the fact you’re obsessing :stuck_out_tongue:
The working has been done and that is a fact. Just say to yourself mmm I’m having an off day. Better tomorrow. Don’t fight it but acknowledge it and take control by doing something else idk.
I don’t believe wanting results badly and obsessing ruins everything. It’s possible to stay calm, keep going and after 3 months, assess and do the whole thing over again.
One thing you must have is an undeterred will. :slight_smile: there’s never a guarantee but…it’s not over yet.


Why do people even do this shit? Deal with your own blockage and pain that keeps you tied to this obsession instead. You will be liberated instead of doing petty magic to make the world fit your own shortcomings. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh.


I have to admit Im kind of selfish :woman_shrugging:t2:and I can not get over the idea that he doesn’t love me anymore. He loved me before so it’s not like im working against free will. Im recreating his will. Lol plus i love him very much

Depending on what type of spell you are doing. Hard to tell without more information
It can be coming back because of you actually if you are doing it wrong

Jar love spell
I did jar spell before for a man and worked perfectly he even made a fake Facebook account to stalk me and he said he didn’t know what happened he has never done something like this before he said. But with this guy doesn’t seem to work its like im more obsessed with him than him with me