Love spell vs Lust spell

Ok, I know the difference between love and lust. I think that love and lust spells accomplish the same thing, so I am confused. How does a love spell affect a target and how does a lust spell affect the target? Don’t both bring them to you?


One is for love One is for sexy time😊


So a lust spell wouldn’t make someone become a rapist or such? They wouldn’t become obsessed with sex? Just a curiosity.


I think it’s more for one night stands if you make the person lust after you. I guess if you do it TO well it could make them try to rape you but if you want it where’s the harm eh?


That is a possible side affect depending on how you do the spell and how powerful you are, along with how irresponsible/ inexperienced the practitioner is


Both would bring them to you but is believed both would backfire according to some or may not work if the persons will is strong enough. I would try to weaken their resistance first


I have no plans to do anything. Was sitting here wondering about it.

What’s best way to weaken some resistance

There are a library of ways to weaken someone it just depends on what you would consider your biggest obstacle; are they closed off to you?, do they not think of you romantically, are there other suitors that have the girls attention. I would start here. You must first think of the obstacles and start to break them down in the human psyche


So if they are open to you and thinking of you romantically, what are some of the ways? Can you point me in that direction?

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Open up their mind to the possibility of you being a lover once all the obstacles are demolished

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The Swedish music group Army Of Lovers made a song called “Obsession” in the 1990’s, which perfectly encapsulate the meaning of the word LUST. The repeating chorus goes like this:

Now, “lust” and “obsession” is quite similar, in my opinion. You are obsessed by someone or some thing, right?

Now, here’s the tricky part:

The first stages of love do share similar treats as being “obsessed” and having “lust” for someone. What differentiate love from lust is the second and third stage, when the “falling in love” settles to a long term relationship.

To summarize this:

LUST triggers.
LOVE settlers.


Well if you happen to put a lust spell on someone who is already rapey but you don’t know it then it’s entirely possible that you could have caused yourself some trouble there.


  1. Just like with DATING, it’s good to background check your target. It’s always smart to check someone out if you are going to be around them.

  2. Look up common traits and behaviors of such persons and see how they compare. If it looks a little close for comfort then move on to someone else.

  3. It’s ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA to do a divination about the consequences of ANY spell you cast BEFORE casting it. This will help eliminate unintended consequences.

Good luck and stay safe.

Happy casting :+1:


Well lust is simply sexual attraction, or a higher degree of sexual attraction. Love is naturally more powerful. Actually I consider love in the form of Eros (Romantic love) to be potentially highly manipulative. Lust can mean a person doesn’t lose their identity or emotional independence. They simply keep doing what they’re doing. All the while they feel an attraction to you and are open to, or even pursue, a relationship with you. Or it can mean a brief but powerful burst of passion that compels them to pursue you, but after the burst they go back to their normal life. It could also mean a strong yet long lasting desire that can cloud their judgment and compel them to act impulsively. Either making them vulnerable to influence or driving them into psychotic behavior. Personally, I’d rather go for the first two.

Either way, there is an ethical responsibility upon the magician. You’ve put someone in a position of influence so if they get hurt by it, its your fault. Some would say using magick to make someone attracted to you is just unethical by nature because you’re manipulating someone. However, any use of magick involves manipulating someone or something. If you think manipulation is inherently bad, I’d say don’t do magick. Just the same, all steps taken to attract a partner involves some form of manipulation. So you’re manipulating someone with or without it. So you might as well use magick to attract a partner. Ethics wise, you should ask yourself how you do this, to what degree, what to you are the desired terms, and above all what is your intent with them.

I myself want to attract a sexual partner. Actually, I’d like to generally considered desirable overall. I’d rather attract multitude of non-specific potential partners who would be open to a relationship with me over targeting just one. Right now I’m refraining from the use of magick to find a partner so I can deal with some more personal priorities first (Self esteem and such). I honestly don’t think I’d be successful with attracting a partner unless I can consider myself attractive first. Right now I’m looking at a ritual to work with Lilith/Namaah in hopes either can help unlock opportunities.

As for love spells, I’d rather not mess with those at all. Love has so many pitfalls. I’d rather stick with lust because with it you can keep your emotional independence.


from experience in me doing it so far love makes them way more annoying. very clingy and LONG TERM Obsessive to the point where you (almost) always change your mind about them from the way their behavior winds up being. constant calls, constantly up your ass, relentless stalking if unreciprocated. and it also from my experience has made lovers very submissive and i don’t like that. of course love spells can turn someone to an emotional slave so maybe that’s why? regardless i hate love spells now for the reasons above. lust spells are hotter, more short term so they won’t get on your nerves and more satisfying imo just because you get the obsession but not long enough for you to be like okay is it fucking over yet???


How do we do a love spell for a woman?

Alright, so i’m trying to attract a famous girl who lives in Los Angeles California to come to me but we live thousands of miles from each other, all the way across the United States so we’ve never met before and she doesn’t know me. So what would be the best way to have her come from LA to meet me where i am so we can hookup?